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Hi Warriors,

I'd love to hear your ideas on what to ask your jv partners when you've just started contacting each other.

I've sent about 30 JV proposals during the past two days, and have received one reply from them showing interest about this deal.

I told her that I look forward to working with her, but since the sales page is still in pending status, we'll have to wait for a while before the promotion.

That was all I said. However, there're one thing that I'm not sure whether or not I should ask.

Should I ask her list size?

If not, what are the questions that I SHOULD ask her at this stage to have a better understanding of this particular jv partner?

I'm not having a huge launch, so I guess legal stuff won't get involved too much here.

I'd appreciate anyone to share some past experience on how to communicate with your to-be jv partner when he/she has shown interest in your deal.
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    Yeah her list size, niche, what Autoresponder she uses etc... I always ask these questions this is a business. If you have a good offer JV'S will come just keep plugging away, good luck!
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      Thanks man! That helps.
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    You need to know she's credible too, make sure you don't blemish your reputation with a bad JV. Not saying she is, just that you need to check.

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    I would build a relationship with the person. Find out who they are and where they are in their business. Maybe you can help them to help you if you know what I mean.

    This is what I'm doing as my Product is about a week away from being finished but it helps to know the people that are going to help you and my help you again in the future but they will call on you to help them when needed aswell

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    It's not a problem asking these with her since you both will have to know each strength in the business so that you'll also know what to expect with the results. Also, here's a website that could help you get more JV offers and partners:

    I hope that helps.
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      Thanks Tyrone, that site looks pretty cool. I'll register and see what happends. Thanks for sharing.

      Good luck with your massoutsource site. I've heard many good words about it from Yaro's site.
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    You'll definitely want to know the following...
    - list size
    - demographic of list (very important to crafting offers & funnels)
    - predicted response rate
    - conversion ratio from past mailings (if they have this info; you've found a gem)
    - list provider (good to know)

    You also want to make sure its ok with the list owner for you to use a squeeze page system for the leads he/she sends you. If so, what type of offer would their list best respond to?

    HTH & Good Luck!
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    Thanks techead, that information is very helpful. I'll remember to do them, I appreciate your kind help.
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