exact keyword: .org or .info what do you recommend?

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I am about to buy a domain and .com exact keyword is not available. Shall i go for .org or .info?
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    Reply i would go for the .org I think it holds more weight in the eyes of Google IMO.
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    Hi Carol
    In my experience I would get the .net if you can. I personally have a couple of .net extensions and I've still done quite well. I think Google tend to look at the content more rather than worry about the extension if you're doing SEO. Are you creating your own product or doing affiliate marketing ? Also, depends on whether your website is just offering information or if you're selling a product/service.

    Another possibility to maybe consider is if you have two words in your main domain that you want to buy then you could put a hyphen inbetween the words and get the .com extension? I know some people don't like hyphens but I have a couple of websites that have the main keyword(s) and again I've been quite successful in getting traffic and sales. Just a thought. Good luck and hope this helps a bit.
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    As a search engine optimization perspective, I will try to purchase .org domain.
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    Definitely .org over a .info.
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      it will be information website. initially thinking of monetising with adsense and later adding few affiliate products through CJ or amazon also. but mostly information articles type site, not product affiliate types.
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      Another vote for .org.

      Stay away from the .info's as a general rule. Seems to take longer to get them ranked anymore and I believe it is because they were being offered for .99 so the heavy spammers flocked to them.

      Personally I go with the following order


      As far as getting a domain name with a hyphen I have never seen any difference getting them ranked in Google. Now there is a difference in getting traffic from people typing in the domain name to get to your site. A lot of people will forget the hyphen and end up somewhere else.

      So if you are working on a niche site that basically will be getting traffic just from the search engines I see no difference. If you are Branding a site that you hope people will talk about then try and stay away from the hyphens.

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        I've got .com |.co.uk |.net |.org |.org.uk and all of them rank well and for me, .co.uk ranks best of all being in the UK.

        I have never had a .info but I did purchase a .eu a few months ago which has done nothing no matter how much I SEO it.

        I wouldn't be averse to a.info but I would go got .org everytime because I have evidence that it has worked for me.
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          thanks for replies. i registered the .org domain.
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    Really doesn't really matter that much as it will be the content that makes it stand out not the extension.

    We have a number of .net and .org sites and you would not know the difference looking at the stats.

    For example we have a customer that sells tyres and they stuffed up their .com so we got them a .net and it is doing nicely.

    They sell radial tyres (thats how you spell it in Australia) in Castle Hill. After a couple of months on page 1 and number 2 so they are happy.

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    The official Google line is that there is no difference or preference. Many marketers, however, report that there is a difference and that .com .net or .org is the only way you should go. The previous comment about .infos being the choice of spammers because of their cheap price may be true.

    I don't know what you plan to use it for but the one circumstance under which I would recommend the use of .info is if you plan to use it as a forwarding domain and not an actual website. If you simply plan to forward it to another site then by all means save your money.

    An example of where you might do that would be for a link in an article directory such as ezinearticles where affiliate links are not allowed but domain forwarding is permitted.
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      If you are building the site with the ultimate goal of selling it you may want to also consider how potential buyers will perceive a .org over a .info.

      All The Very Best,

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        I've got top google rankings for competitive keywords in the money making niche with .org domains...

        So in terms of SEO, I'll say you can't go wrong with .org over .info.

        - John
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    .info is almost exclusively being used as a spam tool imo, glad you bought the .org
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    I will prefer .org keyword it is more good for google. . .

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    Go with both because if you can get sites using both extensions to make money you now have a site you can sell while keeping one for yourself.

    For some traffic generating methods (article marketing, email blast to your list, facebook post, twitter tweet) it doesn't matter what your domain extension is because you are not relying on an organic search engine placement to generate the traffic.

    I'm actually building a site right now using a .info that I have no doubt will do well based on the niche, the domain name I'm using and the traffic generation methods I employ.

    If you ask 10 people on the street if they know what adsense is probably 80% will have no idea what you are talking about - I'm willing to bet those same folks also will not even know that .info extensions exist. That's one of the main drawbacks to using a .info because almost everyone assumes .com is always at the end of a website.

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    TLD hardly matters in the long run
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    Originally Posted by Carol01 View Post

    I am about to buy a domain and .com exact keyword is not available. Shall i go for .org or .info?
    Why not .com ?

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    I would say get both and use the .org as your main site with the .info redirected to it or as a 2nd site used to boost your main one. But if you only want one then get the .org - although it doesn't really matter.

    You can find internet marketing strategies, SEO consulting, and tons of business advice at BAM!

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    STOP reviving months old threads with nonsense posts...!

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