Dating Niche List- Seperate Males From Females?

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I have a question about the dating niche if anyone wants to help. I am building a list in the niche and something just hit me that ive been thinking about. The ebook im promoting relates to both males and females right?

The problem is alot of the products I plan to offer to my mailing list only pertain to either male or females. So now im wondering if I would be better off building two list and sperating them by gender. I mean If I have a mailing list of half and half how can I recommend a product for females that relates to male dating?

I guess I could always make a form where I ask for name, email and gender and just manually only send offers to each gender that pertains, but that seems like a big hassle. So does anyone have any advice on what I should do in this situation? Thanks
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    perhaps I could just offer 2 products when I sale to my list, one for females and one for males?
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      Hi Corey,

      I'm not involved in the dating niche, but it seems like a separate approach might work better.

      I think both men and women would like information that was specific to their gender.
      It would be a good idea to get some input from women on this topic.

      All The Best,

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    Split 'em.

    The more you can slice and dice your demos, the better you can target your marketing.

    Chris Wight

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      I have a dating list and I'd say 'split them definately!'.

      The way you write your email is going to be different, different offers, etc...

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        I'd even look at subdividing the genders -- that sounds painful doesn't it?

        Don't forget there are almost as many styles of dating as there are people out there doing the dating. Some want to find a serious relationship, and others want something more frivolous and fun. Others want to find a date in their particular demographic.

        If you target single straight white men in your marketing but send it out to every male on your list regardless of ethnicity or interests you won't do as well.
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          Thanks for the advice guys, so what would be the best way to split my list? Should I have a different website for each gender or just two opt in forms on my site? The website pertains to both genders, but the problem is when I build a list and offer them products.

          So what would be the best way of going about splitting the genders, just two different opt in forms on my website?
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            ok ive been thinking and think I have found the best way perhaps. I should put one opt in form on my site and have them enter:


            and then simply set up two autoresponders on aweber, one for males and another for females. I would just have to add and delete the genders. Im not sure if theres an easier way, if anyone knows im all ears. Thanks
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