The Power of Multi Channel Marketing

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Firstly as an Englishman, let me start by congratulating my American internet marketeers for finishing top of the world cup soccer league above England, you deserved it.

A common theme in many questions both here at warrior forums, digital point forums and sitepoint apperas to be associated with finding the best form of internet marketing for a website.

Most of us involved in internet marketing (myself included) are looking for a silver bullet, that will generate effortless amounts of revenue and ultimately profit. The truth is that no one marketing strategy can do this and if it could then we would all be rich.

So it is down to website owners to generate a multi channel approach to marketing their website to billions of consumers across the the globe and this involves a combination of some or all of the following methods;

1. Traditional PPC advertising through sites like Adsense, Adbrite, Bidvertiser, text link ads etc.

2. Buying Links - Utilising the success of a popular site to target like minded potential visitors can be effective, but in my experience has to be targeted to a specific niche. It is also a high risk strategy because if search engines spot your links on known link selling spam sites then it could harm your page rank and SERPS ratings.

3. Search Engine Optimisation (Sorry i'm English, so for me it's an S instead of a Z). Harnessing the power of making your website stand out in the Search Enginee Results Pages (SERPS) by building back links to your site is a highly effective way, but is prone to seasonaility changes and adjustments to search engine criteria.

Effective ways to boost SEO success according to google are

a) Building back links to sites in a similar niche to your own, who already have good Page Rank, thus transfering some of that to you.

b)Submitting Articles to Article Directories, becoming an expert in your niche means that more visitors will come to your site

c) Gaining links from do follow forums like here at Warrior Forum, Digital Point Forum & Sitepoint, but doing this in a constructive way, not just spamming an answer like "I agree".

d) Gaining do follow links from blogs in a similar niche to your own.

4. Social Bookmarking, there are now thouasands of social media sites, the best of which are digg, reddit and delicious, stumble upon and technorati. If you're using wordpress you can set up an automatic pinging service that notifies these sites of any new posts you create, without having to post each by hand!

These sites are packed with high volumes of information that change by the minute, meaning that the quality of exposure to visitors can be limited, but if you strike lucky or regularly update content then you can gets hundreds of visitors to your site from these sources in a single day, although quality of visitors is poor.

6. Social Networking - Facebook, twitter and buzz are examples of social networking sites that can help you grow a dedicated fan base and then drive traffic to your site.

These are few of some of the most effective methods, but my advice is not to choose one, but engage in all of these, that way you reduce the risk of a dramatic drop in traffic if one drys up in the future.

What other methods in your experience do you find effective for internet marketing purposes?
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    I find that building a hub on blogger or with your other keywords for your site and linking back to your main site in the top half of the article is very effective and ping everything that you do

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    Article marketing is the best thing to get quality backlink but hubpage and squdioo will also work good...
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      Don't forget offline ads pointing to on line real estate. You can use space ads or even classifieds in magazines, publications, periodicals etc that target your niche.

      If your product is targeted towards the college crowd look into placing ads into the campus newspaper.

      Targeting military personnel and their spouses---every installation has a base newspaper you can place space ads and classifieds into.

      Remember, marketing doesn't need to be solely online.

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