Has anyone experience with Sedo?

by Asher
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I recently came across a domain I liked
but it's held down by Sedo.

Anyone has experience with Sedo and
know how best to get a domain for cheap?

There isn't a value tagged to the domain
that has expired yet.

At least not that I see it.

Or are there any videos anyone can point
me to so I can learn more about it?

Much thanks!

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    Most likely it has been listed for sale on Sedo by the owner. There should be someplace that you can make an offer for it on the site that comes up when you type in the domain.

    I list a lot of domains on Sedo. A broker handles everything. Broker notifies me when I have an offer, I accept it through the broker, buyer pays broker, I transfer domain to broker. Broker pays me.
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    This is how it looks like right now (without the
    domain name, of course).

    I don't see anywhere that shows the owner
    putting it up for sale.

    I can't recall the process on how I got Sedo to
    pop up. Can I buy this easily through Namecheap
    or do I need to go through a broker to do it?

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    Looks like it might be parked at Sedo. I used to park mine at Sedo when I had them up for sale, but don't anymore because there wasn't enough money in it.

    If it is parked at Sedo, it is probably for sale as well. Contact Sedo or do a whois on the domain and see if you can get the owners contact info. If it is listed on Sedo, it is owned and you will not be able to purchase through Namecheap or any registrar.
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    Thanks a lot for the help.

    I did the whois and the domain was registered
    18 Nov 2008, expires on 18 Nov 2011. Looks
    like I won't be getting it after all.

    Nevertheless, thanks for all the help. You've
    been a star =)
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