Is It Worth Buying Email List To Start Out?

by g2114
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It's taking me awhile to build a list and I am a newbie. I want to know if it's worth the money to buy an email list so I can start making money through affiliate products. Appreciate any advice.
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    Buying a list is generally a profoundly bad idea and you will end up getting slammed with spam complaints. Just do it right and build your own.

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    I agree. Buying a mailing list is NEVER the way to go, newbie or not. You can use the money you'd have spent on a list to build your own list.
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    List buying is a very bad idea. You have no way of knowing the history of the list. Was it abused? Was it abandoned? Plus, you have no way of really knowing where the list names came from. Build your own. 100 names that you collected will be better than 1,000 names that you don't know the history of.
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    Its a bad idea to buy leads. Although I have made small profit from that once. The best way is to grow a list in whatever niche your into.

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    Buying a list Bad, how many times has it been sold alreay, you don't know how it was compiled, are they optin in or mined.If you put them into a reputable autoresponder they need to optin again.
    There are better ways, probably slower but safer
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    Buying would really be a bad idea. So, I think just try build your list on your own. Maybe you can offer a freebie in exchange. This is a better way to build list.

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      Buying a list may be a good idea if you are starting out but 99% of the sources give you crappy leads. However one good source I found was Opt-in list-builder adds subscribers and leads to your mailing list I have used it to gain successful leads and it was reccomended by reputable marketers such as Fabian Tan.

      A great plan to turbo charge your list building would be to;

      1. Make 10 valuable posts a day here at WF with a link to your sig.
      2. Go to Opt-in list-builder adds subscribers and leads to your mailing list and get either the 250-500 subscribers package.
      3. Once you get to 500 hit up the JV forum and start doing ad swaps to exponentially grow your list.
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    I personaly would hate to be sent email form someone i have never joined up with and unless its your list that is exactly what you would be doing ... It would be spamming. And like someone else said where did they get that list from in the first place?

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    Seen like not many IM agree in buy leads. The only best way is to built you list by your own and have personal contact with them until they know you better then start to promote your product.
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    Don't think of buying E-Mail list's Try and build your own list.

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    Email lists is worthless unless they all know about you.
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    Please don't. It will destroy your reputation before you have even begun. You will almost certainly be regarded as a spammer.

    Also, you will not be able to load the purchased list onto any reputable autoresponder service (for good reasons).
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    Ok.....I know all of the people in this thread is against buying leads but just out of curiosity. What factor does buying list looks bad? Other email service provider are so proud of saying that the subscribers from their list have opt-in with them. I really haven't tried it before and this thread is discouraging me to do it in the future. But I just can't see the whole picture in this matter.
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    it`s better that you will opt-in your own list. even if it takes time
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    If the list you buying is not target audience for your website, it's not very useful.
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    It's just not worth it. How would you feel about someone cold-calling at your front door and ramming their hard-sell right in face? Buying lists is akin to doing just that.

    Don't worry about the speed at which you build a list - remember, every expert started out with a list of ZERO and took months, if not years to get their big numbers of subscribers.

    You're far better off putting the effort into learning and using a technique that suits you (mine's article writing) of supplying info that will attract readers to your list, than worrying about buying lists. If you think in terms of "Buying lists = spam" you won't go far wrong

    just my 2c
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    Who is your target market?

    Rather than give another opinion on whether or not buying a list is a good idea, perhaps one needs to question what kind of list you are thinking about buying. I mean, a list that targets who? What are the demographics to the list you might want to buy?

    IMHO buying a list to target IMers is a different animal than buying a list targeted towards first time parents, dog owners, life coaches, etc. (random examples).

    So, what kind of list are you thinking of buying? Somewhat rhetorical, meaning I'm not looking for you to answer, I'm just throwing out a slightly different response.

    Good luck,
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    No, no and NO! Buying an email list, especially an untargeted one is an act of marketing desperation. You will waste your money and time at best and will have legal issues at worst.

    Another word of advice: Don't listen to the hypy claims of companies that sell lists or do bulk mailings. My experience in listening to those who have tried it is that they never live up to expectations. If it were that easy the internet and even this forum would be awash with success stories.
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    I agree. Buying a list just sets you up to look like an annoyance at best, and an illegal spammer at worst. Would you buy from someone who randomly started emailing you a sales pitch? I doubt it.

    Do things the right way. Yes, it may take longer, but at least you'll be seen as a responsible, legitimate marketer instead of a scammer or spammer.
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    Any list your going to buy has probably been used 100 times over by now. Depending on the size of the list you can get a response, but nothing better than 1-3%, unless you add something special to your campaign.
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    Lol, you would be better off with an email crawler program.

    Think about it.

    Your just randomly emailing these people out of the blue lol. What would the different be?
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    You will literally be throwing your money away. Spent that same amount to pay someone to resubmit your articles for you, you'll get way more out of it.
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    Personally, I have never bought a list, but I have a list of around 1500 from researching the internet, and looking for people interested in my niche. Many times when I send out an email to the list I created from my own research, I get 2 to 4 percent response. Also, After doing this for over 15 years, I have only got one person mad and around 10 people saying they do not need my product. Most people are very thankful for my emails and mailings that I send.

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