Why are .info domain names only 89 cents?

by rs2228
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Do they not have any clout at all?
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    A lot of people consider them spammy, due to their low cost, however I've actually had some success with them.

    One thing to watch out for though is the renewal cost - that 89 cent domain could have a 20 dollar renewal price tag next year. But if its making money for you it's worth it.

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    Yes, Some people say that that .info has less than others. Maybe that can be right for SEO, but still it can be success if it developed.
    So pick .info domain with good name maybe can be success in the future.
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    Places like Godaddy look towards the upsell....selling you a domain for .89 while always trying to slip in their premium programs like bundled domains, hosting, SSL certificates, website builder, etc...also on renewals, they get you on autorenewal where they automatically renew at 2 yrs instead of 1 yr...(if you not watching... lol...slippery devils) or the renew price is higher than .com's.
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    The other thing about info's that gets them considered 'spammy' is that a lot of spammers bought them up when they came out (and still do because they are cheap).

    But I don't see any harm in trying them. Especially if the site you are putting on it is (or can pass as) an information site (which is what .info was originally supposed to be for).


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    Well, i found a nice use for .info domain names for
    Google Adsense for Domain without any problem.
    realestatecreditloans.info and i do have
    several of them.

    Buy a lot of them and configure for Google Adsense
    for Domain and smile to the banks.

    I am bold to say that .info domain names are not useless.

    Best Part Time Home Based Business Ever!!!

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      I use .info domains all the time. I actually purchased five of them this morning.
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    i have .info domains rocking in some very competitive niches. google can tell whats a spam site and whats not so use what you want they all work. However most people will not pay good money for a .info compared to a .com if you ever sell it.
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    You have got to remember that .info domains are only 0.89 for the first year. After that, they revert to the full price.

    Do not get between a wombat and a chocolate biscuit; you will regret it dearly!

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  • YOu should get a .info but you should also get a .com.biz.ws.org. Go ahead a type in Google.info and look where it takes you. They are smart enough to get multiple domains with multiple extensions.
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    I have used .info since I the time I had made my first site. I have had success with .infos so I don't think Google think they as spammy. What matters is content. If you have unique content you get indexed without a problem.
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    .info are cheap only because registrars want to attract new costumers and registrars think old costumers will register .com and not .info.
    And the renew price of .info is higher than .com.
    .info can also give you success there is no thing like spammy or not successful in .info
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    I was actually asking myself this question 20 seconds before reading this thread. I just bought graphing-calculator.info due to the low price, and the fact that the same .com costs $500.

    I didn't know that the renewal price was larger, however i think it's a good thing, the cheap initial cost is perfect for broke students like me to get several sites up quicker and the $10 you save can go towards outsourcing articles!
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    Yes watch that renewal cost! Can bite yeh.
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    Many people are still making good use of
    them, but I'd say it's always best to go
    with .COMs if you can afford it.

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    Is The ONLY Coaching Program That Does 99% Of The Work
    So they EARN while they LEARN

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