My Amazon To Do List For Making 3 Figures a Day This Holiday

by Neil V
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Last holiday season amazon made $9b dollars in its last 4 months of revenue according to the Wall Street Journal.

As big piece of that came from affiliates promoting amazonz products as amazon associates.

While other business are slowing down their latest analyst reports are expecting them to do better and have the best 4th quarter on record.

Since i have been promoting amazon for a while and make a small fortune each holiday season i have been busy setting up my battle plans for this holiday

yes, i know it is early but that is the best way to set yourself for success

So here is my daily to do list for the next three months

1. 8am to 10 am each day - amazon product research

2. Find hot products send to outsource writing team to have them written up

3. Send product descriptions to hub page team to build amazon lenses

4. Around 4-5 pm each day, review google analytics for traffic and previous day amazon account for sales

5. Send list of sites to blog team to build wordpress sites and seo for products that i have made sales

Rinse and repeat. My goal is approximately 10 new websites and 20 hub pages a week

That is it. I have manged to find great outsource staff that work for $2 an hour.

I focus on market research, looking at analytics and prepare detailed to do list for my team to execute

This is not sexy but they key is that i do it consistently and will be ramping this up over the next few months in addition to the other marketing projects i have in my pipeline

What is on your to do list and daily strategy for success. Please share your thoughts below
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