Understanding of Pinging, Rss Submission, And Social Bookmarking

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Understand Pinging, Rss Submission, And Social Bookmarking
By: Jiri Majkus
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Understanding of Pinging, Rss Submission and Social Bookmarking |

You may have heard the terms "RSS Feed", "Pinging" and "Social Bookmarking", and wondered exactly what it means and how this can help you with your marketing efforts. The answer is that it is very helpful if you explore what they can do for you.
I want to share with you and explain these 3 terms and how you can use them for your getting more traffic and leads.

Social Bookmarking: (sites like Digg, Delicious, Stumble Upon, Mr. Wong...)
Social bookmarking is when you bookmark your favorite sites with link, headline and keywords. You will let search engines know that you created a new content. The reason we want to do this is easy, authoritative on-way links to your site. Let me explain this further.
Google and other search engines use the number of incoming links to your sites as a barometer of the popularity of your site or blog. They are in essence, "Votes" for your site, and get enough of these, and you will find your rankings starting to improve. The reason they are "authoritative" is that many time they have a great deal of page rank and trust rank, and Google views them as more valuable links. A good example of this would be links from Wikipedia. One way links simply means that they are linking to you, and you are not linking back to them.
You can bookmark every article that you made or every video that you created, but when it comes to bookmarking your blog posts be aware that you should bookmark around 50% of your content otherwise you will be acting spammy and you will be banned from some sites.

Pinging is electrical signal or notification to search engines that your content is available. You will get additional rank for your website. Pinging is very simple and it will take you only a few minutes to ping your new content. Here are some sites where you can ping your content.
Blog and Ping Tool - Use Pingler.com to Drive Traffic your Blogs and Websites
Blog Ping
Blog pinger - Blog ping service
You can also do additional pinging when you ping also your blog home page twice a month. Just be sure that you have some new content on your website.

RSS Feeds:
RSS Feed is digital reading of your site.

There are two main RSS categories.
· RSS feeds where people can subscribe to your RSS
· RSS Feed submissions
You want to get as many subscribes as possible, because every time you create a new content, they will get notification about it. This way you can get hundreds of visitors every single day. Many blogs have this option automatically, you can check if you can see a little RSS Feed button on your blog.
The second use of RSS is when you submit your RSS Feed to RSS directories. The best thing about it that you need to do this only for the first time and your blog is there almost forever. It will automatically post there your new content from your blog. Google and other search engines goes there several times a day, Google loves them and it is one of the easiest way for Google to find your content.
You can also create Super Feed and submit this Super Feed to RSS directories. Super feed is when you create RSS on your own with your best content. A cool free site that helps create this is RSS Mix - Mix any number of RSS feeds into one unique new feed!.
And here is partial list of some RSS feed directories:
Blogdigger - Add Blog Form
Submit Blog
RSS feed Directory - Feedage.com
free url submission create a at blogstreet.com
Yahoo! Publisher's Guide to RSS : Submit Your RSS Feed
Submit your RSS Feed - PLAZOO News Search
RSSfeeds.com - The syndication listing
feedraider "We Eat Internets" | Tools For The Information Hungry | feedraider
Submit Your RSS or Atom News Feed
FeedFury | Search-Powered RSS Feed Directory & Index | Submit Your RSS Feeds
Using pinging, social bookmarking and RSS feeds is a terrific way to not only get your page indexed fast, but get more traffic and exposure for your content and keep your content in front of your readers, which goes a long way toward helping you build authority and stand out from the crowd as a leader.

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