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I have about 20 articles written pointing to my blog. I have them bookmarked in social book marking sites. I have done all the seo of course. I have made about 2 sales so far. What is the rule of thumb for switching to a different project while you wait for the seo to kick in? I know it takes time to kick in. Should I be starting something else or should I keep writing articles and so on?

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    If you have completed all the tasks of the previous project and you are confident that all is needed is tweaks based on various monitoring factors then yes you should move on to the next project> Rule of thumb always bring a project to life before moving on to the next. There is nothing worse than having 4 or 5 half baked projects with none making money for you. Well done and best of luck with whats online so far. Kieron
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      If it is to life how many visitors should you be having a day?
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        Originally Posted by j2dak86 View Post

        If it is to life how many visitors should you be having a day?
        How many are you expecting to get based on your keywords?

        You have achieved sales. Very good.

        Your site will be an ongoing process. It will never be done. Don't expect to just feel you are "finished" unless you are just going to go and sell it now.

        Plan some regular maintenance and continue on with the article writing and adding to the site. Then spend some time starting up the next site.

        You can scale down - add a couple more articles a week so you can spend the rest of your time on the new one.

        "May I have ten thousand marbles, please?"

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          I am getting about 1-3 visits a day. I just don't want to be to concentrated on one site and it doesn't go no where. I think I will start working on another project but go back and add a couple articles here and there.
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    I just want to say that the project I am leaving on backburner while working on a different one just made another sale! Happy day today!
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      Congrats. Some say perfect the one I will tell you different unless you are the next facebook.

      I like to move on once I have a site I feel is prime time. It may no be perfect but sometimes moving on into new projects will give me ideas on how to increase traffic to my prior creations. So it is a win win situation. Something to consider. Plus if you do it right depending on your niches and your hosting situation you can create a nice little mini linking network.
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