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I am a real internet marketer I do affiliate, info product, advertising, get paid from my articles, videos, created my own products, ect..

I got started in MLM and still use MLM companies to build sales team. And other MLM I joined only to sell the products.

Does anyone else build a MLM online here?
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    I do MLM as well...and this is in addition to my Internet marketing businesses, including offline consulting, info product creation, website development/sales, etc. Simply put, MLM is just another stream of income.

    I understand why MLM turns a lot of people off. The home meetings, three way calls, bugging friends and family, etc is a complete turn off to me as well.

    I think what a lot of Internet marketers don't understand is how dominating they can be with an MLM business because of their Internet marketing knowledge. I was completely AMAZED at how so few people are using the Internet in the MLM businesses. Quite simply, when someone comes along with even a hint of Internet marketing experience, they can absolutely dominate the company they join and make money rather quickly.

    A guy with my company came here not knowing the first thing about Internet marketing. He learned how to build a blog...learned a little SEO...and now his recruiting site (blog) is ranked #2 on Google. And because of this, the guy is absolutely crushing it, winning recruiting awards, trips (and lots of money), etc.

    For me, MLM is just another income stream. I use an automated system to handle everything for me...so all I have to do is use my Internet marketing knowledge to steer traffic to my sales funnel.
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      I've generated consistent income with MLM selling products, and it can have lots of advantages over cpa, affiliate marketing, etc.

      Have teamed up with a full time marketer who I knew years ago, who makes his livng with MLM online. It can be done.

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