Which Social Network is the best to get traffic?

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Are you getting more traffic from Facebook, Twitter, Myspace?

PS... thats the Google Elephant in the Vid....

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    I get more traffic from Twitter, but I also have many more followers there than I do Facebook. Hardly any action whatsoever from MySpace. That's never been a good source of traffic.
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      I am more heavily involved with Facebook... 2,500 "targeted" friends... Not really good for affiliate marketing... Article marketing yes... but in my experiences, people on Facebook are not "active buyers" of ANY product. I'd like to hear from anyone that is really making some money from social networks... or in their experiences which is best.

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    For me I get more traffic from Facebook and Twitter because they are the most viewed and popular websites.
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    I have to agree that Facebook & Twitter give more traffic. So far it's been the most popular sites around and a lot of people are on it. Possibly there might be something better that will come but for now they're the doing driving people to websites.
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    I get the most targeted traffic from Facebook, mostly because it allows me to build relationships with people so well while offering them value and connecting them to my blog and other social sites.

    I also STRONGLY recommend Youtube, as you can use it to generate traffic directly and it is also very effective for viral marketing (primarily through other social networking sites), all while developing a direct and personal connection with people in the communities through video.

    I believe that Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube are all most effective when used in unison and can give you the most synergy in your marketing and branding efforts.
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