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Hey there,

let's say i have a blog and i want to promote an affiliate product.

1. What would be the best strategy to get a maximum CTR?
2. What would be the best strategy to get EMail adresses from visitors (OptIn)?
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    I try to use as many different methods as possible.

    1. Offer something free in exchange for email
    2. Use Actionpop to capture emails when someone clicks away from your blog or after so many secs on your site
    3. At the end of your blog post ad a standard message with a link to your affiliate link and lead capture page
    4. Add banners to your blog
    5. Have a recommended resources page
    6. Right a quality review on the affiliate product service you are trying to promote
    7. Constantly add value
    8. Update your blog regularly
    9. Right Killer Emails to your List
    10. Have fun and never give up.

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      2. Freebies, Door Gifts, Free Gifts, Free. Free. Free.


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    You have to do it in an honest way too. Your readers will see right through it if you try and trick them.

    To get email addresses you have to offer them free stuff too.
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      I think the best and honest way would be the following:
      • Use a text widget and place your optin form code with your cool gift or report on the right side. That's it for opt-ins.

      • Promote an affiliate product targeted to your niche and your email list

      • Write a blog post about the product or the products creator use the names in your post title and 3% keyword density in the post.

      • Plug them into Google Keyword tool for other variations that people are searching for so you can have some tags and meta keywords.

      • Write a post about the product in form of a review or about a technique/method or something related that you could easily plug the product name into the post via affiliate link.

      • Make sure you have all the SEO plugins and that you tweet/like your blog post in social media.

      • Write a couple Ezine article and refer it to your specific blog post. Also, submit a press release related to the product and how you are going to promote it linking back to your specific blog post.

      • Do a video about the product using the products name in the tags and title. Embed into blog post as well.

      People searching the product by name or creator keywords are already about to purchase it.

      Most of the time you will see organic results are low for the product name.

      With a similar opt-in gift or niche right beside the post they are more than likely to opt-in.

      Also, write a couple of follow up emails referring to your post or plug your affiliate link to that same product for the leads you captured in your email list.

      Rinse and Repeat.. You now have a business..
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    Put the offer in their face. Big pictures and a link above the fold and a review.

    Free offers such as a manual that you can find that would offer value one that likely has master resale rights(MRR) or create a mini report these can increase opt ins.
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