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This issue is bugging me because my clients keep telling me that we should heavily build relationship with prospects to get sales. Some even tell me that they don't need it, because they're getting sales from no where.

Now, it's not because I know nothing about it. In fact, I know what kind of situation can build it up, and destroy it if you're over-zealous building it.

For example;

* When people keep saying that we should heavily build relationship...

Be careful! Over-doing it can backfire. The suspicious instinct is every human being.

* When people say that they don't need relationship...

Because they're getting sales without any marketing campaign. They think they're like the KFC or old Mac.

Again, be careful of such assumption. Relationship can be pre-built without you actually doing it. For example, your competitions are doing it, and it happens that the prospects also know competing product from you. They compare. And they make a decision to buy from you instead.

I think there's no fixed answer in this. What I can only say is, the better way is to build up the attraction and let potential buyers come to you. Never show your intention to sell. A man who wants nothing for himself is the most powerful being, so to speak.

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    Hi Hardi:

    You raise some good points.

    Clearly being at either extreme is bad. A marketer could come across as desperate or arrogant depending on which avenue he or she takes. As corny as it sounds, my view is that if you genuinely want to help your customers, they will sense it and be more open to buying from you.

    (PS: Welcome again to the Singapore Warriors' social group. Glad you could join us.)

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      Its definitely a fine line to walk, sometimes you send some great educational stuff to your list and you get taken to task for it.

      But all in all developing that relationship is important, long as you don't become another me too in these crazy pimping promotions

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    "A man who wants nothing for himself is the most powerful being, so to speak."

    That reminds of me of the scholar, Stanwood Cobb, who remarked about his stay in Turkey in which he saw two types of salesmen. One guy was acting all excited and trying to force his product onto people passing by, and almost falling off his boat a few times doing so. And then he saw the other guy just sitting there calmly, and acting as if he were taking a break from reality, and the people were going to him to buy their goods rather than the other guy.
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    Maybe some people make it too difficult.

    First, the people on your lists joined up for a reason. They want something from you. If you want a relationship with them, give them what they expect from you.

    Second, the people who bought your products did so because they wanted a specific thing from you. If you offered a quality product, they are happy to do business with you. Now, you know what they want and will spend money on. Give them more of it.

    Another rule: Always give people more than they expect.

    Relationships are built by making people WANT to hear from you...and that is true in every aspect of life.

    Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.
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      Originally Posted by Daniel McCoy View Post

      Relationships are built by making people WANT to hear from you...and that is true in every aspect of life.

      True dat Daniel.

      COMMUNICATION. The Magical ingredient that spices every kind of relationship.
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