Anyones thoughts on Ning...?

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Hi there,

This is my first post. This site was recommended by a fella I met at an event a couple of days ago. Anyway...

Simple question to start with. Im a Project Manager for a Web Design firm and I run an local networking & online sale assistants firm in Sheffield.

I recent discovered a few different social networking sites one being Ning. Is it worth the time creating a Ning "Network"? Anyone had any success with that?
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    Hi, and welcome.

    One of my offline clients set up a Ning community for her health/yoga businesses, and it seems to be successful. I haven't personally looked into it yet but have a feeling that it could have potential - just depends on exactly what result you are after?
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    Im looking to drive people to my website on a local level. The practical hands on part of my business is all about businesses within a 20mile radius of my office.
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    And, Ning is no longer free to set up networks.
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      Originally Posted by kevinw1 View Post

      And, Ning is no longer free to set up networks.
      Kevin is right! Ning is converting to paid accounts in July. It sucks, but that's the nature of the IM game; sites change all of the time. I have a number of sites with them and already moved that content to other web properties.

      So to answer your question, they were - if you were using them for Off Page SEO purposes. That being said, with the current pricing structure, there are plenty of other much better options.

      Giles, the Crew Chief
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    I had two ning sites that attracted over 600 members each. worked extremely well. My third site has struggled. The ning system seems to have changed. but i am sticking with the paid membership.

    I was also a member of a few very good ning sites - the 100 articles in 100 days was a great ning site.
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    They're not bad but I only really need them for linkbuilding personally.
    Though if it fits your client's requirements, it's a cheap and easy way to build a niche social network.
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      I like Ning for a social networking site. If you have members to share ideas, videos, photos, like to chat, do forum posts, set up groups, etc., it's good. The admin section is exceedingly easy to use. I suggest you give it a whirl and see if it meets your needs. I highly recommend it. There will be changes coming to the site when they are all paid sites. If you go in, look around, and don't like what you see, you can cancel. Many other similar sites make it easy to transfer info from Ning into their sites. I've compared them, but like Ning because of the amount of storage it allows and the chat capability, (my members love to chat).

      I don't think Ning has chat with their $3.95 a month service.
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    Ning upper management has changed.

    Their policies are changing, as their profits were very minimal.

    Personally, I do not agree ... but then they did not my opinion

    Cheers ... Ron
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