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I got a lot of good information from a thread on RSS feeds here but still have one "big" question.

In that thread it was advised to use your various RSS feeds and submit those (such as your main Wordpress feed, your comments feed, your categories feed, etc.)

My question is - do your feeds lose their "link juice" if I were to take each one and put it into RSSMix.com and get the one feed and submit that one new RSSMix feed?

In other words is it better to submit each individual feed by itself or is there no downside to submitting a mixed all in one feed instead. The reason I ask is because if I have a lot of RSS feeds and am doing manual submission it would take a lot longer to do each feed individually rather than having one mixed feed.

Thoughts? Advice?

Thanks in advance!

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    RSS Feeds don't have "link juice." If anything, you'll be receiving link juice for the feeds you submits.

    As for mixing feeds, you can certainly do that if you feel you do not have enough time to submit each feed. However, when you submit each feed manually, it is advantageous because you are able to provide certain tags related to the content you are providing.

    Also, you might want to look into RSS submitters which help automate the process and make it quicker. The one I use is RSS Bot by Incansoft, but another popular one is RSS Submit.

    Good luck,

    Russell Taylor
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