What Are Your Must-Have Firefox Plugins???

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Hello all..
What are your favorite Mozilla Plug-ins?
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    Firebug, SEO Quake, 'Why Do Work' Adsense Monitor and FireFTP!

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    I use:

    FoxClocks - because I need to know the time in certain other parts of the world. With this, I just point my mouse at the icon and I know the corresponding times right away.

    Affilorama SEO Toolbar - so that I can easily view the PageRank, Alexa Rank, Compete Rank, WhoIs information and domain age of web pages, among other things.

    Password Exporter - so that I can easily retrieve my passwords in case of need.

    AddThis - because it makes bookmarking a breeze
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    I use Firebug, but if I had to choose just one, it would HAVE to be Lastpass. I've become so dependent on it, I worry that if my computer ever crashes that I'll never be able to access any sites again, including the Warrior Forum! LOL
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    I use Google Toolbar, LastPass (Password Vault) and SocialMarker (social bookmarking tool) in Firefox. These also are compatible with every Firefox version so no need to worry about adding them.
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    The most useful Firefox add-ons I use are SEOBook's SEO For Firefox and RanChecker.

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    I maintain quite a popular collection of Firefox plugins for SEO & Blogging here


    I also have loads of bookmarklets that do things toolbars don't
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    I one I use the most is
    S3 Firefox Organizer
    for uploading videos to Amazon S3
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    with the Guy in the Shades!
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    Great Plugins for me are SEO for Firefox and SEO Quake.

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    I like the wordtracker plugin for getting keywords etc when posting.

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    Thanks for everyone's input. Warriors Rock!!
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      • DownloadHelper
      • Mozilla Personas (completely useless, I know, but it makes the more boring days more manageable if there's something interesting to look at)
      • Firebug

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    seobook toolbar
    search status
    seo doctor
    proxy tool
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    Web Developer toolbar
    Execute JS

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    Web Developer Toolbar
    Download Statusbar
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    SEOmoz (for moz rank), seobook's rank checker (to check ranks, duh!), firebug (for coding)

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    Nice list...will check some tonight
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    webdeveloper toolbar - love the little ruler thing and the ability to inspect elements to see what part of a css file impacts them, etc.

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    firebu, sequake, seo for firefox, foxy proxy, yoasts seo link analysis.
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    SEO Quake & Auto Fill-Ins!
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      I'd have to say the nodofollow plugin to detect dofollow links (purple) and nofollow link (pink).
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    ReminderFox, because I am forgetful and prone to procrastinate and ReminderFox actually helps with that.
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    seo quake
    http headers
    pof aduploader
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