Which microphone or headset you use for voice recognition software?

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Simple as the title, I need to buy a microphone (well, headset) and wanted to know the opinion of knowledgeable warriors who use the abovementioned sort of software. Please feel free to comment; thanks
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    I write 10,000+ words a day using a $15 headset from target. No problems at all. I'd recommend just getting one and keeping the receipt; if you have a problem return it and upgrade. Again though, of the 3 headsets that I've had (my family jacks them) none has cost over $20
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      Although it's more pricey, if you are going to be doing any sort of tutorial type videos in the future, which is definitely the trend these days, you might look at going for something like the Audio Technica 2020 USB microphone.

      It's a great desktop type microphone with far superior sound quality than that of a lot of the cheaper headsets going around these days.

      Just another option for you. I picked mine up brand new on eBay for around $140. Money very well spent.
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    I second on the Logitech USB microphone. Been using it for years now and I don't have any problems with it when it comes to sound production without the echoing voice.
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    I'm using a Logitech USB microphone. But, one of the biggest things that's going to affect the performance is the quality of your computer. The more RAM you have the better and faster Dragon NaturallySpeaking works.

    Plus, you need to be patient and make minor adjustments to get it as accurate as possible.

    Another thing that makes a big difference is speaking clearly. You need to try to pronounce your words grammatically correct while you're speaking. Unfortunately, most of us have slang and tend to cut our words short.

    So, the three aspects that you need to consider is microphone quality, computer quality, and being able to speak in a fluid grammatically correct manner. If you have those three things pegged you'll absolutely love Dragon NaturallySpeaking
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      I bought macspeech dictate, which came with a plantronics headset.

      Some cats got a hold of it and decided to chew off the foam piece for the mouth, but it still is working great. lol

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        I use the CAD U37 USB, you can pick one up for about $60. I also have a plantronics mic that I used for a while but every time I converted the video for the web the S'ssssss really stood out. I am not sure if it was the quality of the mic of the record settings, I couldn't figure it out so I went with the CAD, problem solved. Everyone who visits laughs at it though.... but it works.

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    Out of the 3-4 or so I've had, I like this one best: Amazon.com: Plantronics Foldable USB Stereo...Amazon.com: Plantronics Foldable USB Stereo...
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    If you use Dragon, Skype and other audio based
    products a lot then I recommend the Plantronics
    wireless range.

    I use the CS50-USB Wireless Office Headset System

    It allows me a great deal of flexibility, I can even
    talk on Skype outside in the garden. ;-)

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      For voice recognition, I just use a basic LabTec headset.

      Position the mic properly, just below your mouth. Enunciate (speak clearly). You should be fine.

      For video and audio work, I use a Samson USB mic.
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        Often you will receive one with the software. If so try it first. If you don't like the results purchase a usb one. That usually solves the problem. To be extra safe contact nuance (or whomever if we are not talking about DNS) and get a list of approved ones.
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    I use the audio technica a2020 a lot, it's great! Then, the headset I use is a Logitech one, which works great as well and is low cost.
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