How Do You Promote Your Youtube Videos?

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I have a few youtube videos I want to increase my views on to see if I can increase the traffic to my money sites.

How do you promote your videos? Do you promote them on youtube directly using Google or do you just get additional backlinks to the videos using articles, etc to see if you can rank them naturally using SEO techniques?


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    Video marketing is no different to article marketing, the only difference is the medium.


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    A simple way and a way which most people use is to put keywords in there videos' title and description and tags to get them to rank well (so make sure you do keyword research properly) and hopefully get traffic from S.E.

    Another way you could go about it is, paying for featuring on youtube that also works great.
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      you need to make sure that you do proper keyword research, and also create killer keyword titles.

      There are other ways you can promote your videos with in YouTube like trying to do video responses. But, you need to do it in a way that is not spamming.

      For instance, if someone is asking for a video response that is in the same niche as you, simply do a quick response. But, you want to mention that you have a similar video at your channel and people should check it out.

      Talk soon,

      Shannon Herod
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    find some profitable keyword...watermark ur video and submit it to video directory..
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    I usually submit the videos to social bookmarking sites - digg, stumble, mixx. Then I will start a thread on my forum and embed the video there, post an article on my blog and embed the video.

    When I send out my news letters, I'll include a link to the video.

    sometimes I'll send out a email to my friends with a link to the video.

    My youtube and facebook accounts are linked, so when I post a video on youtube, its also posted on my facebook account.
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    Addition of keywords would surely do work. it would help you rank in google. You may also use social networking sites to give your members and friends update of the videos that you have made. =)

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    I'm doing a social bookmarking blast this month but I wasn't sure if anyone has tried the paid option in youtube?


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    I got a lot of traffic to my YouTube videos by embedding them in my site. Keep in mind people can also find your videos via the youtube search engine so that's another way people will find them. I didn't do anything extra to promote my videos. I just embed them on my site and make sure I tag them with good keywords when I upload them to YouTube.

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    Anyone here getting much traffic from vids on other sites like DailyMotion? (I was always a little put off by that site because its title kinda suggested its content, lol)
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      Originally Posted by Paleochora View Post

      Anyone here getting much traffic from vids on other sites like DailyMotion?
      Very little, almost not enough to worry about. I used to use tubemogul to blast my videos out to 9 or 10 different hosting sites - break, metacafe, yahoo video, vimeo, veoh,,,,,,.

      Break is the only one that gets any views - but break does not allow live links in the video description.

      Even though I make all of my own videos, half the time revver would reject the video for some reason or another. The video was either too commercialized, or they said it was not my video.

      AOL video is about like revver, half the videos were rejected - but aol would pull the same exact video from youtube or yahoo video,,,, go figure that one out.

      What I have been doing here lately - upload to youtube, then use the transfer feature on break to copy the video from youtube to break. And that is about it.

      Even though those other video sites are giving me a "few" views, I dont think its worth the hour upload time to get them. I did not want to share share my youtube log in information with tubemogul, so I upload to youtube and then to tubemogul.
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    A great way to expose your channel and videos is to find opinion leaders (channels with a lot of visitors and a large following) that are related to your niche and intercept the traffic they receive. One way you can do this is by leaving comments suggesting viewers to visit your channel or post a video response to one of their videos that is receiving the most traffic.
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      Twitter, definitely, especially if you have a number of followers. Post links on your blog, if you have one, and definitely submit with social bookmarking services. I use OnlyWire's free service.

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    You could pair it up with article marketing. Write relevant topics with great content and hot keywords and at the bottom of that article attach your video with a post saying "check out other videos" or something like that....... lol
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      Video promotion is plays much important role in promoting a product or website. I think its a nice idea that we should promote out videos also.
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    If you have some videos, then you can promote them with social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter. It is the most effective way to promote your videos indeed.
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    Here are some ways to increase the visitors to your youtube videos:

    1) Optimize your title,description and tags for search engines

    2) Post relevant video responses

    3) Post videos on other social networking sites like facebook, myspace, bebo, etc.

    4) Post video link with cool headline on micro blogging platforms like twitter, identica, etc.

    5) Post videos on other video sharing sites like dailymotion, metacafe, yahoo videos, etc.

    6) Post your video on other video promoting sites like flixya, wonderhowto, etc.

    7) Increase backlinks to your video by submitting articles with link back to your video

    8) Find your niche related forums and post your video in the signature for maximum exposure

    9) Write Press releases with link back to your video and post them on free press releases sites

    These are some of the prominent ways to promote your YT videos effectively online.

    Try them and I am sure you will see a great surge in your traffic.
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    Promoting your videos to get maximum results, send tweets to your list on Twitter and upload one on Facebook. You can also submit it to other video submission site. If you have a website, you can write a great article and paste your video on there too. Ways to promote it endless. Just think about how you promote your website and see if can use the same methods for your videos.
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    Sounds like a lot of good information... thanks everyone for the tips so far!

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    Always make sure that your video has a keyword relevant title and that you maximize the tags that you are allowed to put in there. Then use to distribute your video to several video sharing sites. And then social bookmark the video to digg, stumbleupon, and such sites. On you can bookmark to a bunch of social bookmarking sites at once.

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