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Ok, this is NOT a sob story. I'm working with an SEO expert (partners) providing SEO and writing services. My partner has decided to see if my wife can do some sales. No regardless of the fact that SEO is new to her (which can be taught in any case), my partner suggested to contact local businesses and has given her the packages we sell. Now I know that this works as I'm going to be doing an exchange for scuba equipment with a local dive shop i return for services.

But, my wife is not sure at all how to start. And honestly, the last time I did something like this was YEARS ago when I ran my own web design shop. I did it the old fashioned way at the behest of my Dad: cold knocking to various businesses. I know that this is NOT efficient, especially since she has a day job (daycare) already. This has the potential to be lucrative for her as well.

And I really don't know what to advise her as my contacts are all online. That, and I AM the husband, so I need to watch that I don't preach.

I could really use some guidance. She is nervous but given the right time she can be really good at this. But I'm in a quandary as to how she should start.

Thanks gang!
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    What's the question???
    Your partner wants your wife to "sell" something she doesn't know anything about?
    Is this something she wants to do?

    Help us, help you,
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    She will be selling our seo services but is not sure about how to approach businesses. The service she understands (the basics) but she's not sure how to start the sales process.
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      If she is the first contact with your company's customer service that the client sees (yes, sales is customer service), you want her to be comfortable and knowledgeable regarding answering questions about your service/company. This takes time and dedication.

      Perhaps putting her in a front line position would be more constructive once she is up to speed. A good way to get her there is by 'role-playing' meaning someone plays the part of the customer, and she plays the sales person. You or your partner can do this with her, or better yet, both of you participate.

      Role-playing is a great way to get used to the inevitable questions that will arise during sales calls, and will allow her to become familiar with handling objections because you will be hitting her with those as well.

      Just don't force anything...

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        I go to local meetings that I find at

        This works MUCH better than cold calling companies. They ask what I do, I tell them and if they're interested, I set up a meeting with them.
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    Do local searches for things like doctors, dentists, etc.

    If you don't find those offices within the local searches, then contact the offices. Give them the details about how 80% of people search locally for businesses, and how they're missing out on a HUGE market and how you can solve this problem for them.
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    It's need to have the right message, for the right audience, at the right time.

    Who is looking for you? Who wants better search engine rankings? How can you get in front of your target market? How can they find you?

    Get on google and see who has a great site but a crappy them. See who is spending money for PayPerClick and then find where their site is ranking organically. If it's beyond page 1 or 2 - Call them. Offer to help them...then deliver!

    You want the quickest way? Just show up. Huh? You/she needs to go talk to people. Start with who you already know - personally and professionally. Attend business meetings. Store owners. Non-profit organizations. Offer to help them...then deliver!

    BTW - Does your wife any experience in sales?

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    I once thought it was great to have my wife do sales for our business until she ran off with our biggest Don't work with your wife, if she fails in sales it brings big negative issues into play. Will you appreciate your business partner giving her a telling off when sales are not up to par. Have you consider the extra pressure and stress on family life.

    Think this one over, you can't sake the wife.
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    Hi Cypher,

    Sorry, a little confused here, so a couple of questions for you.

    You said "I'm working with an SEO expert (partners) providing SEO and writing services." Are you just getting going now or is this something you're currently selling?

    You also mention she has a day job, so cold knocking seems like it would eliminate many businesses that are only open 9 - 5, or is she going to find time during the day to call on business owners?

    Personally, I'm not a fan of cold calling or knocking for a number of reasons. Mostly because I know how I hate to be interrupted during the day by sales pitches, but also unless you're being super selective in choosing the right prospects to visit, odds of finding someone who is receptive to your offer then and there are slim in my experience.

    I've always been a fan of two-step or "educational" marketing myself, and find providing something of value to a prospect first that educates them of the value your services can provide (like a whitepaper, dvd, online video etc...) while beginning a relationship with them is the best way to go. Even better is if you can sign them up for a newsletter so you can provide them with some value and they can learn more about you until the point that they know, like and trust you enough to buy from you.

    You mentioned cold knocking when you were marketing your web design services...was that the only marketing method you used or where there other things that worked as well?


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      My partner has decided to see if my wife can do some sales.
      LOL, then I think your partner should deal with her since it was his big idea.

      Seriously, you'll need to get a specific game plan together for her to get her going. And it might be best to train her exactly the way you'd train someone you didn't know at all and you had hired for the job.

      Would you have chosen your wife based on the experience she has if she wasn't your wife?

      "May I have ten thousand marbles, please?"

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    Hey Steve at the time (2000 or so) It was the only thing I did. I'm thinking that going to the small business center here and asking questions is a good start. This can't be rushed but she can do well as she has experience, if not technical know-how. And (to my mind this is the key) she WANTS to do it.
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    Rule number 1: Don't bring a family member on board.

    In your case, it looks like it's only going to cause unnecessary stress. That's just my opinion of course, but I think many people would agree.
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    after being in the web design business for years i have learnt only one thing: "your present websites are your best marketers" really, people hire web designers on recommendations and link at their competitor's website... To start with the sales process, you might create a small presentation on how many searches are made for their business on google and how they can increase profits. The best idea that just struck my mind is create a short report which contains the bare minimum concepts of SEO and what are good practices from a client's perspective. Give that report to em and build a rapport. Keep in contact with the prospective clients and you would get more business.
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    She won't make sales until she has confidence in what she's doing. How to get that? Practice. Since you've done what she's about to embark on, you should know the kinds of questions and objections she'll run into. You play the businessman, let her come in and try to sell you. Grill her until she can answer everything you can think to ask, and has a good response for every objection you raise. Then...

    ...let her get after it!

    Just when you think you've got it all figured out, someone changes the rules.

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