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I'm a noob to this place. I been scanning various threads, but none of them make sense. Please don't laugh but I have no clue how to make money from this. But I reaally want to get started.

I understand getting a niche, website and article marketing but thats about it. how to you do business from having 3000 posts ???? and all this other crazy stuff lol
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    Thirty Day Challenge - great free training. Covers almost everything.
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    Hey jessejaymes I have a free Youtube Internet Tutor Channel that explains how to make money online. Ive had a break recently from it but am back now posting regular videos over the next few weeks. Feel free to ask any questions and I will try and answer through the upcomming videos:

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    Originally Posted by jessejaymes View Post

    how to you do business from having 3000 posts ???? and all this other crazy stuff lol
    Read, learn, contribute.

    Stuff may not make sense at first, and that's ok.

    Once you learn and understand how many ways there are to make money online you can better determine which way may be the best path for you.

    I can understand wanting to get started - but to take things seriously you have to realize you are starting a real business.

    If you were going to start a business in your hometown, do you think you could have it up and running in 24 hours? Could you make money in 24 hours?

    Probably not.

    The internet is the same as creating an offline business for yourself. The only difference is that when you know what you are doing and you are ready to proceed, it can be done much more quickly than an offline business (imo) and for much less money.

    But the fundamentals are the same. You need to have a solid idea for your business and you need to customize things so they will work for you.

    You should have some kind of business plan in place.

    "May I have ten thousand marbles, please?"

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      Originally Posted by avenuegirl View Post

      Read, learn, contribute.
      I'm reminded of when I started playing poker many years ago. The forum I regularly posted on was filled with fantastic information. But I realized you can learn a lot more by also contributing instead of just reading.

      If someone doesn't agree with what you write they'll let you know. By having discussions your mind opens to possibilities you may not have thought on your own.

      So, contribute.
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    So you come to the most trafficked and most prolific online marketing forum in the world, and you're asking where to learn how to market. Where do you think you are? Try the "all in one" threads stick at the top of the site.

    Fair warning: It's possible I'm arguing with you because I have nothing better to do.
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      Thanks guys
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        You learn by doing.

        If you spend all day learning how to do everything you will never make any money. There are to many people doing that already. Unfortunately, there are plenty on this forum.

        Just find something that sounds interesting to you. Spend an hour or two searching this forum for that topic. Then setup a simple plan of action and get to work.

        You could spend a whole week reading how to do something. You will learn much more in a couple of hours by doing.

        When I started I would pick a way to make money, then start to do it. When I got stuck I asked questions.

        If you haven't tried to do something before you ask questions, your questions are to broad and you will get broad responses. You need to ask specific questions to get specific answers.

        Anyways, whatever you start doing today you probably won't be doing in six months. So why not get started right now.
        I'm not selling anything.
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  • Hi Newbie,
    I would recommend looking at the Clickbank Help Center. It has many articles on how to set up an affiliate or vendor business. It teaches from the very basics to the advanced. Help Center: ClickBank Help Center

    Apart from Clickbank you are in the best place to learn about setting up and running an Internet Business. You've taken the first step and asked the question. I'm sure you will get lots of support from the Warriors.

    Good luck

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      Well, first of all, you will probably find yourself overwhelmed in the beginning due to the sheer amount of knowledge there is to take in. You'll also need to realize that, affiliate marketing is at heart a business and will require some investment. I've spent LOTS of time & money to be where I am at today. What I did at first was join some communities, where I could learn. Some I have tried were:

      -Wealthy Affiliate University
      -Maverick Money Makers
      -Niche Blitzkrieg

      If you're just starting out, I'd check out Niche Blitzkrieg, they're a good bunch and it's a one time cost. MMM is costly cost but has better and more information as well as phone support. WAU's not worth the price you pay, the monthly fee should be a one time fee. Surround yourself with knowledgeable people and you'll be set for life.

      Everyone here learned from someone, you're not born an online marketer, unless your dad was one and taught from a young age. It's a steep learning curve.

      Guess you could also check out the free stuff offered in here as well. Another good site to check out is digital point, it's a similar forum but has more options.

      Stick to it hard enough and you will notice that time flies, last time I check the clock it was still April 1st LOL

      Cheers M8 and wish you the best of luck. It's an exciting world that you are entering
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          Hey Jessie,

          These are all great posts and you can go blind trying to learn everything. Learning about IM is a great deal of fun. Once you start getting into this place you will think, "WOW I love candy and I have been locked in a candy store."

          That being said: imon32red is right on the money. You learn by doing.
          Pick a niche and a method then go to town.
          Keep good notes about what you are doing and keep a good log. Use the WF to bounce questions off of.

          Here is a great reference or easy to read blueprint go here first:

          Read Me First – Tips & Info!

          It is Free, no strings attached. But if you do find these are good techniques and you do want to use the same software that Mike used then please use his affiliate links.

          His logging and information is of the best out there.

          Remember learn something then implement.

          I hope this helps,

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    Originally Posted by jessejaymes View Post

    Please don't laugh but I have no clue how to make money from this.
    Make money from what?

    That will be your first task.. you want to make money and now
    you have to figure how how you're going to make some.

    There are a million and 1 ways to make money. Research a few
    business models and choose one that appeals to you and stick
    with it..

    I have a post on my blog (link in sig below) about the first
    steps for newbies to "making money online".. I think it will help
    you get some direction.

    Good luck with it!
    Stuart Stirling
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      Oh, sigh. I cringe when I think back to when I first started.

      One of the first things I fell for was this supposedly free system of 6 different streams of income, and the next thing I knew I was getting charged hundreds of dollars every month, and I received the occasional check for $11.70 or something like that.

      Took me months to get out of this one, and it scarred me for months.

      It wasn't even a scam so much but definitely took advantage of my ignorance.

      Fortunately, I've learned many of the ropes by now. Wish the learning curve had been a lot steeper/faster though...

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