Does Anyone Have An OnlyWire Auto Post Plugin That Actually Works?

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I have yet to find one that actually works. I downloaded this one WordPress › WP OnlyWire Auto Poster WordPress Plugins but it doesn't seem to be working. If anyone can point me in the right direction, I'd be ever so happy.
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    Not sure if the link you provided is to the official Onlywire plugin. Get it from their home page and I also think you need to install a service they now require as well.
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    The onlywire plugin stopped working for some unknown reason

    There's a plugin called Auto Social Poster which sells for like $200 and bookmarks to 34 directories. I think it is too expensive but if you want you can purchase it.


    An alternative would be the free plugin. It doesn't bookmark to many sites but anyway, social bookmarking doesn't really help nowadays! I think you can install the plugin from the built-in installer just do a search.

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    Well, I've been trying to figure this as well. Here's what I can gather:

    1) Use the onlywire plugin as found on worpress site or linked from the onlywire site - don't use another third party.

    2) If you opted for the 'promote' package - on the very first page on the onlywire site in "your account" - at the bottom right there's a small field for 'url' - this is the url of your site where the onlywire button has been placed. If you've installed the button and provided the correct url - it will show a nice green checkmark that you are 'verified'. I believe this step is mandatory.

    3) The configured plug-in should now work when you create a new post.

    4) If that fails, you can download the onlywire submitter and just put the link in of your post and bookmark that. I have had success with this.

    It is way more work than wordpress doing it automatically - but I will still be manually bookmarking other things than just my wordpress posts.
    And it's still faster than manually submitting to all those social bookmark sites.


    Needs Updating...

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    Yeah it stopped working for some unknown reason a couple weeks back...its a shame because I think it made a difference. Hopefully the team get it up and running soon.
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    They do not support the plugin anymore. You need to download their software on to your computer.

    Amazingly they tell you this when you sign in.

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    Yeah, I have OnlyWire downloaded to my computer already and I've been using the button . . . which wouldn't be a problem except for the fact that I run multiple blogs that all post on different days.

    Looks like I'll just have to proceed as normal and keep better track of which one is posting when.

    Hopefully someone will eventually come up with a working plugin.
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    yea just download the software onto your desktop and post from there. i have seen a large increase in links from posting every two days to onlywire. but i also use the paid service too.
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    Is the plugin still busted?

    The software you install on your computer simply requires you to copy in the web address and then hit submit?
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    You will have to download the plugin from the onlywire website directly ,i set it up today still haven't tested it yet.Will update in a few days.
    The plugin that you download from the wordpress website doesn't work.
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