Double-check your keywords!

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Just wanted to share this little tip that I've learnt... from a frustrating lesson...

I wanted to rank for a keyword "low fat xxxxxxxx" and so I write and spin the article.

Load it up in SEOLinkVine, Traffic Kahuna, etc. and I know that I will rank it nice and good.

After 3 weeks, not even top 10.

Just now, I look at the article again and to my surprise I wrote "low far xxxxxxx" as the backlink!

So all the efforts in backlinking for the past 3-4 weeks are gone!

Lesson learnt: Double-Triple check your backlink anchor text!
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    Done that too
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      ooh dear! Not good it's easily done especially when registering domains!
      I remember getting all exciting thinking I found a great .com one day. Whet to register it and just at the last second realized I had a miss spell in it! Close!
      >>>>> IM Know How<<<<<
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    Thanks for the tip.... I'll make sure to remember that......
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    Thanks, Joseph, for reminding me. I have made that mistake with both keywords and domain names. So I had to do them over. Once though I made such a mistake and it turned out to work great.

    Of course, making such mistakes is not an effective success strategy.
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    This is I must say one of the most common and overlooked mistake many marketers do when posting articles. This is why you always need to proofread what you are going to publish online.

    Lesson Learned: Don't underestimate Proofreading ever
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    Same goes for buying domain names!

    Late at night, when I was first starting to buy domain names, I was bidding in an auction on one I thought was just the bomb - couldn't figure out why nobody else was bidding on it. I realized too late (i.e., auction was over and I was the winner) that it was a typo name. Ooops! I've actually held onto it, however - apparently, Americans aren't all that great at spelling. It's a high-value keyword combo and when it gets traffic and clicks, it pays big enough to more than cover the renewal fees. Still, I'm quite certain the same name spelled correctly gets a lot more traffic and clicks!
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