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I'm not talking public domain works you copy&paste, but magazine front cover-like content all nicely packaged down in bullet points for easy digestion.

No fat, pure value.

I'm talking about quality content others have put hours of work and thoughts into you get on any subject! For free! No fluff, just hard bullet points of pure value.

Presentations of any kind carry immense value packed down in nice bullet-list slides you can use to come up killer content for your ebooks.

Every single line is there because someone think it's valuable enough to be there! is one such resource full of value-packed presentations with nothing but bullet lists you can use to come up with killer content for your ebooks.

Here's an example:

Visit and type "landing page" in search box (top right corner). In my example the search returned three interesting presentations on landing page design and optimization:

•Landing Page Design & Optimization (6400+ views)
•Landing Pages Best Practices (9600+ views)
•SMX Advanced: Landing Page Myths (5700+ views)

Scaning each presentation gives me this quick points on landing page design and

•Landing pages have better ROI than home pages
•Attract the visitor by providing value
•Make sure landing page graphics matches the ad that brought the visitor in
•Set up A/B testing and find what converts best
•Don't waste precious screen real-estate with stuff that don't matter
•Call to action above the fold - make it stand out
•Ditch navigation - it gives visitor an exit
•If doing signups, make the signup form stand out - have visitor focused on signup
•What is in for the visitor - benefit list!!!
•Use enough space - make the site scanable
•Give value first - entice the visitor to give you her information
•Scan on your competition - what are they doing?
•Have a clear purpose - sell one thing and one thing only
•Answer the three:
•What are your offering? (ie. what's in it for me)
•Why should I care?
•What should I do next?
•Make sure visitor knows he's in the right place (ie. don't advertize 6-packs and offer cellulite remedies)
•Make your landing page hard to leave
•Visitors scan your site in "F" pattern, put important information where they'll see it first!
•Headline is the most valuable asset on your LP (make it on top, clear&sharp, answers
"what's in it for me", grabs attention)
•Keep the text uncluttered - use sub-headers and bullet-points, use large fonts!
•Tell visitors what they want to hear - would you but what you're selling?
•Tell them what to do, don't just hope they'll figure it out!

Anyone can write a 15 page ebook on landing pages using nothing but this 20 points I've got in less than 5 minutes from quickly scanning the three presentations slideshare found for me.

You could easily sell such ebook for $15 to $30 depending on depth you'd go in, providing various landing pages screenshots and before-after comparsions explaining the reader what's working and what's not.

Presentations are like magazine front covers - someone put a lot of time and money to build one. They researched the market and narrowed it down to few bullet points you can use freely to build ebooks around.

Here are few other subject to profit from:

•Google Hacks
•Viral marketing

Using already made presentations, you can easily write 20 page ebook a week and sell it for $15 at least! It's simple and profitable!
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