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by jikanv
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An interesting discovery I've made today regarding google search results.
I was researching keywords for my site, which is about migraine headache relief and migraine

headaches in general.

I was trying to figure out how to boost traffic and I searched for the word, migraine, in google. 11,900,000 results came up relating to migraine. So I put this in quotes and the same number of results came up.

Nothing new in that, but when I clicked on the number ten result down at the bottom of the page, Wich is the last page number and than I clicked on the last number on the following page which was 19 I was expecting to take me to page number 29, but no. It stopped at page number 14.

So clicked on the last row where it says "If you like, you can repeat the search with the omitted

results included" the highest page I've got was 33.

Next I repeated the same process without quotes and exactly the same came up.

Wow. where is the 11,900,000 hits?

It seems to me if you want to rank well all you have to do first, is to look at all the page numbers

google will come up with, screen out the multiple URLs (sites that have multiple URLs listed within the

results) and analyze the remaining pages for their leading keywords and use the ones from sites that has

the most traffic.

I don't know how google works but they either don't have that many pages or else all the pages with all the phrases, are in combination with each other. Or else in reality the millions of hits per keyword is really just a few hundred or thousand if it's a very competitive keyword.
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    I get this all the time. Google promises zillions of results and I rarely ever get more than 1,000 on ANY given keyword. Okay, so there's some that I as a woman won't even punch into the search engines - those will undoubtedly have more than 1,000, but when I'm doing serious research for keywords, I never get near the results Google claims.

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    Yeah, Google can come up with some crazy numbers sometimes.
    I believe the only returns you need be concerned about are the top ten sites on the first page? No need to concern ones self with page 2 results imho.

    yes, I am....

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      Originally Posted by Ken Durham View Post

      Yeah, Google can come up with some crazy numbers sometimes.
      I believe the only returns you need be concerned about are the top ten sites on the first page? No need to concern ones self with page 2 results imho.
      You summed it up perfectly Ken. I don't know why people preoccupy themselves with all of this "competition" nonsense. Of course you need to analyze your competition, which if you are doing SEO the ONLY competition you really have are the first 10 results for your keyword phrase!

      Anything on page 2 or further back gets so little traffic that it really is irrelevant.

      Try to find keywords that have a ton of inner pages or articles ranking high in the search engines. This means that not too many people are trying to optimize their entire website for that keyword.

      I can't knock on the "bum marketing method" of keyword research too much, because it helped me out when I first started. However, now I think analyzing competition using that criteria is a bit outdated.
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    I don't know why so many people have been taught to look at those numbers as being relevant to the 'competition'.

    As some have already pointed out, the only real competition are the sites on the first page. Check out their onpage seo & their backlinks (ignore the nofollow's) - if you can do better, then go for it!


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    Zeus66 did a video about some of the interesting details, at Google Search Results Trimmed

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