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Hi Warriors!

I was thinking of giving iSnare (paid) a little run, however am worried about recent threads discussing the service's inactivity, and some articles taking over a month to go out.

Can any iSnare users comment on this? Have times improved at all, or are back to normal?

Are there any other paid article submission services that offer the same kind of rates? Tried UAW in the past, but didn't end up using it often. The constant rewriting seemed to grate on me...

in particular, if you were to give your opinion on the service as of late, what would you say? The reason being I've been following your posts, as I find them to be extremely helpful and no-nonsense, and see that you constantly recommend the service. How would you say they have been performing lately?


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    I want to test thier services myself to. Hmmm thanks you gave me soemthign to do. lol.

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      RUN. Don't walk...RUN from that service. I used it a year ago to get some articles out and they never submitted them.

      What really chaps my hyde is there's a WF member with a WSO product that pimps an affiliate link to them in his ebook. I trusted his advice (because I forgot that I even used that service before) and I got taken AGAIN!

      I only lost like $15, but still. It's enough to pi$$ you off you know?

      Stay way.



      P.S. I dunno if I violated any WF rules by bashing another company or not, I just don't want any newbies getting burned the same way I did.
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      Originally Posted by matty-81 View Post

      Horrible service. I submitted 5 articles and paid the $2 fee for each of them. I waited until about two weeks after they were approved to see if they had been distibuted to "thousands" of publishers.

      When I looked up the article title in quotes, it only came up twice.

      The first one was the iSnare submission and the second was an article directory that I submitted to manually.

      My advice - Stay away.

      It's a rip off.
      I can confirm that. My article submitted from 4 June is still pending. It's more than a month already.
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    Intresting...thanks Tim learned something new. Yeah I think I may have to avoid that lol.
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      It's too bad, I used isnare a few years ago with great results - then it all just started going downhill. The last article I submitted was published 9 months later - after I had already sold the website it was promoting. LOL

      For the past couple of months I've been using UAW and love it. I agree sometimes I don't feel like doing the rewrites - but it's worth putting in the time to do it because then you just set the system up to send out 50 or so submissions a day, and for a week or more you've got new backlinks being built and traffic coming in - not just from article directories but on some good niche-specific blogs that use their article plugin.

      Well worth it IMO!

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    What a shame. I used Isnare last year and I think I paid $10 and made two sales of $50 commission each from it. I tried to submit more articles later on and they had a notice up saying they were temporarily closed, and it seems from this thread things just got worse.

    I write articles and eBooks - PM me for details!
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    I am glad this discussion is taking place. I was considering their service for a while. Now I know that I will NOT be using their service due to your feedback
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      That sucks. I just paid for a premium membership. Maybe they will give premium members better turn around times.

      I used Isnare a year ago as a regular member and made sales..
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        It used to be absolutely worth it because of submission to niche blogs but the submission service hasn't gone out for a couple of months. I'm hoping that it will start again because I did well from the service. I have known it come to a halt several times over the last few years - server problems! - but my articles have all gone out when it has started up again. The isnare service is really cheap, perhaps a higher paying service would be more efficient.

        UAW I wouldn't touch. I don't believe in article spinning and submitting the same article just written differently several times to each site using different pen names. This practice is surely undermining article marketing and the credibility of the sites that take so many of these spinned articles. Surely it's better to spend the time writing new articles than rewriting.
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    I used them about a year ago submitted one article and got nearly 1000 backlinks on that one article within 2 months I have started again a few weeks ago on there site but there definately seems to be a drop in service quality. I used offer submission to Isnare with my articles but the turn around is a terrible hope they change it around soon ...
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    Fast Submit Articles is a good alternative to isnare. More expensive though.
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    I do feel iSnare has gone down a little although I do still get good traffic from the submissions that I make but like others on here its taken time for some of them to actually get posted.

    That being said and depending on your budget I would save up the pennies and perhaps go for a premium service like seo linkvine or even FTS (which is free) if the aim is to get more backlinks.
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    I tried to use service couple weeks ago. And after my initial payment, my article was in status pending for more then 10 days. I wrote questions to their support system and again - no replies. For that reason, I decided to proceed refund and will never ever use service.
    So... I will not recommend anybody to use them.
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    Thanks fellow warriors 4 the infos

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    Yeah - it's a shame.

    I used to use isnare alone for many sites to quickly get up to a PageRank of 5 within a few months but as others have said - they seem to have let things slip.

    It's a real shame because they used to get amazing results and be a go-to place for this.

    nothing to see here.

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    I will let you guys know about my very recent submissions to Isnare and i have mixed opinion.I am actively doing some submissions as i have credits remaining and i am pretty sure i will go with them again.

    So,I submitted an article about one months ago and didn't care about the status of the submission. My website was fluctuating in Google US and the it was ranking at 5-9 positions mainly. After about 2 weeks,i was checking the rankings and i was shocked to see my site sitting pretty at no 1 for two of the keywords i used as anchor texts in the submission and it has been there since then.The rankings are static and i didn't do anything apart from Isnare submission.So,it was the magic of Isnare submission.
    I didn't look at the backlinks number before and after the submission,so i am not too sure about that. But isnare really helped my website.

    Immediately,i submitted few more articles in different niche.It was approved fairly quickly but i have not seen such magical effect in this niche. Maybe,because this niche is bit more competitive. But, the ranking has improved by about 30 positions in Google us for my keywords but my site is still ranking at 50. I will do some more submissions and see the results.

    Isnare used to be much more effective in the past but we can expect the quality to decrease as almost all the submission programs have become less effective.Basically,the whole article marketing thing has become less effective. It was on the cards,really.

    I think Isnare still works well on less competitive niche or if you do many submissions.

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    Any other recommended sites apart from ?

    I started with nothing and still have most of it left!

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      It's funny. A long time ago a friend submitted an article to iSnare. Because he was submitting to others too, he actually forgot about it.

      Six months later - literally six months later - he got an email from iSnare saying his article had been accepted. :rolleyes:

      Since then, we've actually referred to it as iSnore. zzzzzz...

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    Are there other sites that let you 'pay as you go' with credits? I'd like to try an article submission service, but don't want to take on another recurring monthly payment right now, and Isnare is the only one I've come across with a credit system.
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      Originally Posted by pink sapphire View Post

      Are there other sites that let you 'pay as you go' with credits? I'd like to try an article submission service, but don't want to take on another recurring monthly payment right now, and Isnare is the only one I've come across with a credit system.
      I am currently using only $6 per mass submission.

      I started with nothing and still have most of it left!

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        I submitted an article 30days ago, and it still pending? What is going on with these guys, is that normal?
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