struggling internet marketer poses a question (video)

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    Hey Nick,

    First of all, you are not alone. There are plenty of internet marketers who fail to make any decent income online and keep wondering how do the top internet marketers make 6-7 figure incomes. I used to wonder about that a lot till I realized that the real reason why these big name internet marketers make such huge amounts of money is because they have a huge list of subscribers that they market to over and over again. Its really true that the money is in the LIST. But it takes time to build a list and I'm sure these guys didn't become rich overnight.

    Also, how much money you make also depends on the niche that you choose. It is pointless to build a subscriber list in a niche with only freebie seekers.

    As a start, if you have made even a little money online previously, then I suggest you concentrate on that market and try to get people to subscribe to your list via an opt-in page by offering something for free (an ebook). The idea is to market to the same people again and again because if they have bought from you once, they will buy from you again.

    Eventually you should aim to build multiple lists in several niches that you can profit from. This will hopefully help you make a good if not great income and give you the financial freedom you desire.

    Hope this helps. All the best!
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      You might get more responses in a discussion forum if you typed your question rather than embedding a video.

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        I'll reiterate a lot of what the guy said three posts above me.

        Many people aren't making much money and that includes lots of the guys on this forum.

        What I can say is that if you're doing the wrong things you're not going to make much money so maybe highlighting where you're going wrong will help people see how you're not getting it right. I'm free on Skype if you want some concrete advice on things you can work on.

        Though I can't leave with just saying that... I wanna inspire you so here's my inspiration: Top Earning Blogs – Make Money Online Blogging

        Peace out and holla my Skype if you're stuck.


        Started this stuff 2009. Time is what will teach you the skills you need.

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    Well...your thread gave me an idea for you.

    Considering the emergence of video online (even notice IMers using video landing pages now), why not try a video forum? By video forum, I mean a forum based solely on video posts, such as you did here. I think it'd take branding to a whole new level and attract a lot of people (lazy people), myself included.
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