.info domains worth anything?

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I never register .info domains, but I found an exact keyword match and it's only $4. Waste of time? Whaddya think?
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    I see a .com in the number one spot if that's what you mean:

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    I have a directory on a .info site that ranks quite well. I think it just depends on the authority of the other domains (.com, .net, etc) that are also registered and competing for the same keywords. But of course, if you do some super heavy promotion and SEO, you could eventually get the upper hand from them as well.
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      I have dot com sites that do just as well as dot info it depends on backlinks, page rank, content, and a lot of things. I personally think the average consumer prefers a dot com and rarely ever thinks of a different extension but if you have a interesting title and description well then I would probably never even finish reading the description - I would just click.
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    yea well of course .com would be better, but .info could do quite well if you build backlinks and can rank it up to the top
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    all good com domain name taken, sometime only info domain name left
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      Before you assume .info domains are worthless, let's look at the FACTS (as opposed to speculation ).

      Click on the thumbnail below and you'll see a screen capture from Domainer Income's sales comparables database. (This contains the actual sales figures for 30,000+ domain names sold both recently and going back to 2006.)

      As you'll see, .info domains have sold for big dollars e.g. ceo.info sold for $32,500, paydayloans.info sold for $24,000 and american.info sold for $23,530.

      To generate this list, I typed in .info into the search box and generated 1,457 results. I sorted the results in terms of most expensive to least.

      P.S. You can verify these results for yourself by logging in to Domainer Income and clicking on the Sales tab. You will need to sign up for a free membership first (but, hey, it's free and you get access to this and some other pretty cool features...) If you're interested go to Find, Buy and Monetize Domain Names - Domainer Income
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    I Was told never to buy them until i discovered a .info domain in 1st position for the keyword traffic ultimatum which had over half a million searches. You just have you do you SEO right then you can get a good ranking. but I have also found they take time to outrank aged/older site.
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      .info for informational website is a perfect choice. If you do your SEO like you do with any other domain extension than it will rank as good as any other domain.
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    delete this!!!
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    people out there prefers .com or else but not a .info...

    if we're gone into some money then join the mainstream instead, right?
    and so we are,
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    The domain extension isn't important. I would bet money that Google doesn't care a damn. The important part is what is in front of the extension, eg. the keywords in the domain and the content on the site you put up. Other than that, it is mostly back links. I often buy .info domains at Godaddy for $0.89, and don't feel bad at all.

    Tim Pears

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    It's been my experience that on exact keyword phrase match, the best domain extensions for SEO are 1).com , 2).net , 3).org and yes in that order!

    Good luck
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    My info domains do just fine thanks very much

    As a surfer consumer etc it never occurs to me to check out whether potential sites have a .com at the end, I just type in my keywords into google and see what comes up, I suspect most of us do that which maybe helps to prove the point that SEO etc is more important.

    Sometimes we have to get into the minds of our potential customers, looking at our own habits often helps

    Originally Posted by jawad View Post

    I honestely like .com domains.
    Doesn't matter particularly what you like, it's whatever works best

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    what many people fail to tell you is that any domain, even .info's, can rank well with the right work put into them. .com's don't magically rank higher, hard work is put into them.

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    I bought a few .info domains some time back most of them when they came up for renewal just never got renewed but i had added 2 free image hosting scripts to a few and these sites have done better than some of my .com and .net sites i thing the content of the sites does have some bearing on the outcome these had been in the adult sector and had major keywords in the actual domain.

    So my reply would be although they are not the most popular domains going you can have some success with them.

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    I love Google!!! yes, just ranked page 1 #6 for a .info. (6 days in which i even changed the blog title twice, as well as the sticky post).

    So. i actually did buy the .info this time as a test. it's not monetized or anything but it's for my friend's son/family.....

    And I thought I was still pretty brand new (after a million years lurking, learning, tearing my hair out) etc etc.......... but I've gotten 5 or 6 times now on page 1 for the kw i wanted....and this time was first time for .info (which thought it might take longer..) but no it didn't.

    Anyhow, i'm excited this morning!!! and thank you everybody! i just want to create something neat to give back!! workin' on that

    I have a donate button on it for a fund raiser for the boy, and i do NOT want to appear solicitous (sp?) here, so i won't give the link unless you ask! but if you ask, i don't mind a bit! just answering the OP
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      Originally Posted by ultimatepotential View Post

      .com, .edu and .org are the most credible ones!
      Credibility comes or depends on the site you build on the domain name. You can build unreliable site on any domain and so you can build credible site on any domain.
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  • The only thing I would caution you about is that it's always better to own the .com AS WELL AS the .info for a domain name, otherwise your success may end up fuelling the profits of the .com owner as confused potential customers end up at their site.

    Good luck!

    Andrea, The English Webmistress.
    The-English-Webmistress is really Andrea, who went backpacking the world, accidentally landed in Panama, Central America, and never left. (Beaches! Mountains! Hot latin music! Piña Coladas!) She doesn't miss the London commute AT ALL...
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      Originally Posted by gox1971 View Post

      Try to go from yourself, if you see same domain name with extension .com and .info on which one you make a click?
      If I am looking for an information then I am more likely to click on info domain but if I am looking for an e-commerce site to purchase something then I would go for .com
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    I think .com is the first option for all webmaster but incase its not available .net .org is preferred as a good option if there is only .info available chose it or leave its your choice...
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      Some of my .info blogs do out-perform my .com blogs. However, I do prefer .com's as .info's are generally associated with spam campaigns.
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    The main issue with .INFO domains is not with SEO / etc .... its with other users. Most will not see you as credible. Its all about branding and image.

    Plus, if you ever decide to sell - .INFO's don't go for nearly as much.

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      Originally Posted by abednego View Post

      The main issue with .INFO domains is not with SEO / etc .... its with other users. Most will not see you as credible. Its all about branding and image.

      Plus, if you ever decide to sell - .INFO's don't go for nearly as much.
      I think Anna Johnson proved that not to be the case.
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      Originally Posted by matty-81 View Post

      People put way too much stock in the domain extensions. A year ago I even ranked a co.cc domain on page 1 of Google. And the myth that people won't click to a website unless it's a .com or .net is ridiculous.
      Well my successes with .infos certainly confirm what you are saying but I would always advise that if you can afford the investment, go with a .com instead.
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    Always go with the .com .net or .org if you want good rankings
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    It's funny how often this question comes up and how the answers are all completely contradictory. Everyone has their own opinion and experience.

    Personally, I can definitely say that .info can rank just as well as .com, .net or .org
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    Many people have interest in .info domains, but for me, as most catchy .com and .net domain names have been registered, sometimes, .info may be a better choice indeed.
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    I once had a PR NA .info rank above a PR7 fortune 500 company website for the keywords of interest. It was just an experiment, but it showed me it is all in how you work it. To the search engines, it apparently makes no difference. However, in people's heads, it seems to.
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    The .com domains always carry more authority regarding SEO, but a well constructed .info domain with good searchable keywords that will show up in natural searches is much better than a ill thought out .com.

    Like many people I've been experimenting with .info and .tv, and have a couple of No1 rankings and surprising results in the stats.

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    You are probably better off with com; if you are buying domains in the hundreds, then info is pretty good since you can save quite a bit of money, but when it comes to a single site, go with .com.

    Keyword Snooper - fast and super-affordable keyword tool

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    Hi webatomic,

    If what you want is a domain with an exact keyword phrase in it, go for the .info if that's all you can get.

    Like a lot of previous posters have already said, the extension doesn't make that much of a difference when you're trying to rank for a specific keyword phrase.

    What matters more in this case is that you have the entire phrase in your domain, and everything on your website/webpage is structured around that phrase as well.

    I'd say the only time the extension (.com, .org, .info, etc...) really makes a difference is if you happen to be building an online business type website... and you want your visitors to "remember" your domain name.

    Pretty much every average internet user, when they think of a website, ALWAYS try the .com first.

    It's just the most commonly advertised extension for sites, ya know?

    Oops, looks like I rambled on a little bit. Anyway, for what it looks like you're trying to do, just go with the .info

    - Jake
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    Extensions are nothing more than a business. They can make as many extensions as they want, see the latest .asia, .me etc. Each extension is supposed to mean something else, such as .com is for commerce, .me is personal site, .info is informational site etc, but this is no longer true, as the main rule to purchasing a domain name is clearly the keywords in it.
    .info sell much cheaper, simply because people prefer other extensions. They prefer other extensions because they view .info less credible, whether it is justified or not.
    .info can be sold on auctions for a lot, but those are specific domain names, and of course, their .com equivalents will always sell for 10 times more.
    Still, for marketing purposes, the keyword, SEO, PPC, article marketing and whatever other forms of marketing you chose will be the determining factors for your site to rank and convert. That being said, I use .com whenever I can. Just in case I decide to sell or flip the site later down the road, because .com is still the most prefered and valued extension.
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    Get the domain. If you do the SEO right, it will rank well.
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    Originally Posted by webatomic View Post

    I never register .info domains, but I found an exact keyword match and it's only $4. Waste of time? Whaddya think?
    does godaddy sell .info for $0.99?
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      Originally Posted by ChrisBa View Post

      does godaddy sell .info for $0.99?

      Yes and the cool thing about GoDaddy is they have a bulk purchase option (which I use constantly) where you can get your domains for much less if you buy many at once. Last month I bought 20 .info's and a few .com's for way less than my normal registrar.

      I still prefer to go to NameCheap because of the free WHOIS guard. I solely buy domains at GoDaddy with the purpose of developing and selling them. It's cheaper on me.

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    i;ve not had a lot of success with .info domains. i found it was more difficult to rank, and when it came to flipping the site it also gets a lower sale price.

    i got for .org exact match domains any day now. these work very well.
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    It seems as if one is doing it to save $6, this is probably not the right reason.

    If that is all that is left in a niche and the niche is still "topable", good content, backlinking and some basic SEO skills can get you what you want with this.

    This is a very good conversation. I have about 5 dead .info domains and I might as well put them to use.

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      Personally I don't have a problem with .info domains and have several which are very successful.
      If the .com is available then I usually buy that. If the .com is'nt available then I buy the .net followed by the .org but for no particular reason as I've had spectacular results for all of them.
      Most of my sites are heavily into content, whether or not that has anything to do with it I don't know.
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      Originally Posted by Charles Harper View Post

      It seems as if one is doing it to save $6, this is probably not the right reason.
      It's more like saving about $9 and change on the first year when you buy through GoDaddy. After the first year, the price goes up though to slightly less than a .com renewal.

      The cost savings is one of the big reasons I buy the .info domains when I'm building niche marketing domains. If I have a list of 100 keywords it would cost me around $1000 to buy the .com/.org/.net domains, provided they were available and undamaged by previous owners. With .info's, it's less than $100. Then I have a year to discover the winners and losers. If I want to develop a winner out to a full blown authority site, such as the roman coins one I mentioned, I can do that. If it's not working due to competition, I drop the domain.

      Another big reason is domain speculation. There are 1000's upon 1000's of parked, undeveloped, domains sitting on good keywords. I'm simply not going to spend $1200 to buy cheapgreenwidgets.com (when it is parked, deindexed in Google, has no incoming links and otherwise undeveloped) when I can buy cheapgreenwidgets.info for 79 cents. I can purchase a hellava lot of promotion for $1199 should I be so inclined.

      Where I'd suggest going with .com would be for branding purposes or when buying/selling a fully developed site. These factors are, of course, human factors and don't have anything to do with search engine performance.
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    I think with ANY domain it really comes down the branding. If you are using something other than a .COM, then you need to try and train your visitors that you are a .NETwork or .INFO as a resource.

    It takes a lot of repetition, and can be helped with newsletters, prompting them to book mark you and other things to help them remember, or brand the site.

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    I like .com's.
    But i don't see why .info won't work.
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      I have several .info's that do very well. I haven't noticed a difference. I also flipped a .info for good money recently. I think if you know how to promote and do your SEO properly and as well or better than your competition you should be fine. Having said that and read through the comments I think it's a case of "suck it and see".

      Wibble, bark, my old man's a mushroom etc...

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        Info.com domain are okey if you are using them to forward your affiliate domain. Flipping .info domain wouldnt sell well like .com.

        I prefer .com than .info
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          when looking for good urls for my business, i noticed that many of the best dot com's were parked and available for BIG DOLLARS. so if you bought and used a dot net org or info, you would not be competing with the dot com for years, or maybe ever.
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    hi people :

    could some of you carry out an experiment on this , then you can share a result,
    .com and .info domain and do same SEO work


    Originally Posted by bgmacaw View Post

    Why don't you try searching on these terms before you say this nonsense again...

    pagerank checker
    Noam Chomsky
    roman coins
    new york transit
    craft ideas
    regular expressions
    move your money
    these are old .info domain, so that made no sense if they can rank top 10
    but what about new .info , someone here want to share a new .info domain then i can do analysis through market samurai

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    I always chuckle when someone talks about .info domains having a "bad reputation" for spamming.

    The only people aware of that fact are other marketers.

    My wife, mom, dad, sisters, daughter, and son would not have a clue about that fact. As a matter of fact, they pay no attention to what the domain extension is. They believe .TV is cool, .info means a site with good information, etc..

    The average searcher spends very little time paying attention to it, and has no clue what .cc, .co, .com.uk, or all the other hundreds of of extensions mean.

    The only thing you should really worry about is if you can get it ranked. Go back to your research on your niche, evaluate the competition, and then choose if the slight extra work on a .info is going to make any major difference. Most likely it will only be a matter of a couple extra quality backlinks.
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    Tld .com .net and .org is easy for you want good ranking and good SERP..
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    Originally Posted by webatomic View Post

    I never register .info domains, but I found an exact keyword match and it's only $4. Waste of time? Whaddya think?
    It depends on what you plan on doing with the site. What exactly are you putting on the site?
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