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by BJ Min
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if you use a starbucks or borders or library wifi, can they know what websites you visit...is there way to get privacy? just curious...thanks
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    If someone wants to they could do a data capture. As far as the admins on the network...yeah, they probably could see the urls that you are visiting through a webfilter etc. Where are you going that you don't want anyone in the library to know about?
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    i doubt starbucks and such would check..i know some people doing a bit of shady stuff going to starbucks to do it
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    Most public WiFi traffic is open to snooping, interception, password scanners, trojan injection etc. along with the wifi provider profiling your traffic patterns.

    You can ensure that your internet traffic is secured by using a virtual private network. Some employers offer them to their employees. You can create your own if you are a techie. You can also just use a free or paid service that will offer you a VPN and/or encrypt all your internet traffic:

    some free ones (with paid options):
    Get Behind the Shield! Hotspot Shield by AnchorFree
    Get Behind the Shield! Free VPN by WSC

    a couple paid VPN:
    Hide My Ass! Pro VPN Tunnel - VPN servers world-wide

    There are many others.
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    Recently I had to use wifi for internet ............long story...........anyway, I used a progam call Click-N-Type which is free virtual keyboard at Nonags.com
    The downside is that if you click the virtual keyboard in view of others they can watch what you type over your shoulder. However, wifi snoops will not see it.
    OH, I am back on DSL, thankfully.
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    I never use public wifi. If I'm at the airport and need to use the internet, I'll just tether from my own phone.

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    Yes, it is safe to use a public WiFi hotspot. However, it is not safe to use one if somebody is intercepting or modifying internet traffic on said hotspot. It is generally recommended to use a VPN (this is the preferred option, google it) or to use some sort of HTTPS plugin that encrypts traffic over most high profile websites where it is not enabled by default.
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    Public networks will always know which websites you visit. It's better to use VPN at least its safer.

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    It is better to don;t use the network, where there may a chance to be in problem. Every time, you should use the save network for visiting any private site. Thanks for your interest.
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