Overcoming Language Barriers

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I have affiliates all over the world, many/most of them are from non English speaking countries, and unfortunately English is the only language I can speak. Does anyone else face this language barrier and if so how do you over come it? Is there some sort of translation software or something to that effect?
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    Translation software is getting better but it can still produce some howlers.

    Some general tips for dealing with non-native speakers.

    1. Avoid slang, idiomatic and colloquial English.

    2. Avoid phrasal verbs (multi-part verb phrases that can't easily be understood from their component parts) e.g. "I won't put up with sloppy work."

    3. Many foreigners are terrified of speaking on the phone. Written communication is less threatening. It also gives them time to comprehend what you want.

    4. Instead of asking "Do you understand?" you should concept test, i.e. ask a question where the answer demonstrates they have understood. In very basic terms it goes something like this:

    "I would like three, 500-word articles by Friday 13th."

    Concept questions:
    "How many articles?"
    "How long should they be?"
    "When is the deadline?"

    5. Never assume. You said "three, 500-word articles". You never said they had to be original, so it's your fault if you get plagiarized writing.

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    That is very funny. Sometimes it become hard to explain students as they remember what they are told and we forget what we have explained them. They are experts to tell us at what time we said have said what? They put them one by one for each of our answers.
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    Why don't you use google translation? Try to use simple/easy words and speak slowly! Be patient. Good luck
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