Which do you place more value on?

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Which do you place more value on?

An e-book/"virtual book"/etc, say that is 15 pages? (Say $29.95)


5 Videos, broken down into 10 minute segments, called a 'system' (which essentially, would be identical content to an ebook/report/etc). (Also say $29.95)
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    Lynda.com is the perfect model for your situation.

    Book > Video > Sample's

    There is no way you can lose unless you really don't want to try
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    I put video... video is the content of today...
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    If you ask me, it's the information in the e-book/video
    that holds value not them.

    Since they share the same information, to me, they have
    the same value.
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    I can't answer via the pole because I fall outside its lines. If I perceive the video is just an ebook fluffed up to "look" like more it turns me off. If I perceive that the eBook does the job just fine I prefer the eBook. If I perceive that the "story" couldn't be told via an eBook and I need the video to "get it." Then I like the video.

    All things being equal I prefer eBooks every time.

    George Wright
    "The first chapter sells the book; the last chapter sells the next book." Mickey Spillane
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      I can see I'm the only one who voted for books, so far...lol....

      I do think that price tag is a bit hefty for 15 pages, though
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      Videos are the current wave. I don't buy any e-books anymore since most is spun duplicate content. Also with PLR & MRR, I think most of the e-books you'd pay for are around and being given away.

      I hate reading and I won't spend days on end reading something that could get done within a few hours in video format.

      Like comedian John Caparulo said in one of his acts...

      Friend: I can't believe you're watching this movie, the book is so much better
      John: Why would I read something I can get done with in two hours, oh yeah, let me grab a book, sit under a tree, get stuck in a world of make belief and I'm now kissing dudes, yeah I'll do that. There's a reason why they invented movies cuz, books s*ck! Oh yeah the movie Jaws had a 20 foot mechanical shark and explosions and the book has, freaking pages!

      Vids all the way, no wonder YouTube has grown so big. Personally, I spend more time researching in YouTube than on Google, I wouldn't be the only one.
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        In my opinion, as far as learning, a book gives a lot more value. All these auto tools and shortcuts really do not give me an avenue towards honing my skills and progressing as a marketer.

        The eventual implement of an "easier way" may reduce the time you put in to complete certain tasks but when learning, I think you need to actually do it the hard way to retain the information and really learn why you are doing what you are doing. Books which teach me fit into my way of going back over the material and actually learning, where videos don't seem to sink in as far. The only videos which I think are useful and viable are those which are an "over-the-shoulder" look as the one teaching you shows you exactly what the book is saying. Other then that, videos with someone sitting their talking out lessons get boring and feel tedious, but that's just me.
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    For me it's video all the way as long as the controls on the player are available. If I can't pause and rewind or fast forward to where I want to go, I usually don't bother with the video.
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    A well done video can greatly enhance an e-book.
    I prefer both used in tandem.
    It's always nice to review the footnotes (material) after the video.
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    with the Guy in the Shades!
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    I'd say that I find video to be more "valuable"...especially if we're talking about a tutorial or follow-over-my-shoulder course.

    Depends on what the content is though...
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    To me the videos, when folks are talking and you can see them, or you have many different pictures to see from a PowerPoint presentation, is the way to go.

    If you are going to make a product that I would use videos and then also offer a transcription in the form of an e-book.

    That would give you the greatest value and you would be complementing both worlds.

    All the best … Ron
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    A lot of eBooks are just PLR, and a lot are just masses of rubbish that become horrible to sift through.
    I think a series of videos can be the best aslong as they are interesting and informative. If they do the same job showing people step by step through what you are doing it can be much clearer then an ebook.
    My last project was a 20 page report that i worked to cut down so it would not be 150 pages of crap, but working on an overdrive of this i intend to do the majority with the media of video, i think this will help create more of a connection and can create more percieved value.
    Thank you
    Connor McCreesh
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