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I do not know whether or not you know this site but I want to share with you.
The Advertising Slogan Generator

It generate slogans for all categories.
Good Luck.
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    Great site,

    Most I had tried sparked some ideas
    and definitely some slogans I would not have come up with on my own.
    The Tee-Shirt worked for me. LOL
    You've got it Made
    with the Guy in the Shades!
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    Great site thanks.
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    That's great! Thank you. I was looking for a slogan for ChipFixx, our company. I had already thought of Get Your ChipFixx On for t shirts, and this site had lots of good ideas.

    ChipFixx custom mixed auto touchup paint kits.

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    Hmmmm, a toy, but really.....

    WordPress Domination: from Beginner to Ninja in 7 Days

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      Slogans and Soundbites are the wave of the future. Rid on it.
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