For all you "great job" comment posters

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I just spotted a spammer who changed their one liner habit for a couple posts and just posted strait spam instead of their normal "great job" type post meant to do nothing more than advertise their signature.

For all you that want to post "great job" or "thanks" without looking like the spammer who has nothing but 50 one liner posts in the warrior forum but you are a person of few words...

Under each post you like on the far right is a "thanks" button. If you click it it will allow you to say thanks without having to post a one liner
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    great job, thanks
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    Is this a private conversation, or can anyone else join in

    Just joking!
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    Well done, Josh. There have been some great threads highlighted in the 'most popular' (or whatever it's called) area of the stats that are on the front page of the forum, and in the early days of their existence they really deserved to be there. Unfortunately, 'popular' translates as 'eyeballs' to a lot of people, and these threads are now diluted to a fraction of their real value for newcomers who have to wade through dozens of 'thanks - great!' posts, or 'Thanks - I'll be following with interest! (even though you wrapped this one up six pages ago)'.

    It's not fair to those with something genuinely useful to impart, and it's not fair to those who'd benefit from reading it.

    *I know... it's a bit ranty. Epidemic outbreaks of Gratitude Diarrhoea really annoy me. It's time we found a cure for these poor unfortunates since none of us are in any great rush to wipe up after them. A swift kick in the direction of the 'Thanks' button is as good as any, and I applaud Josh for taking aim

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    I had not really thought about that kinda stuff Josh.

    It's possible now that ALL the spammers will jump on
    this "new idea."

    Man, we've let the cat out of the bag. I wonder if
    they do a search for *SPAM* just to bone up on
    how to get around it??

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    Okay, thanks for the info. As a newcomer to the forum I don't know all the nifty gadgets. But now I know I can "thank" people without "spamming them." Funny all the rules, here I thought I was being positive...and you guys consider it spam.
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      Okay, thanks for the info. As a newcomer to the forum I don't know all the nifty gadgets. But now I know I can "thank" people without "spamming them." Funny all the rules, here I thought I was being positive...and you guys consider it spam.
      To clarify... posting to "thank" someone is not spam... its just that the "thanks" button was added to provide an easy way of saying "thanks" without having a thread with 50 "thank you" replies.

      The reference to spam is in regards to those few members of this forum who exist for no other reason than to post "thanks" or "great post" to as many threads as they can to get their signature seen.

      These people contribute no value but exist only for advertising... they are "under the radar" spammers.

      They are the ones with usernames like mario89023frommars890234 and if you looked at all their posts they have never posted more than a one line response in every thread they ever post in.

      Basically they are adding no value to the forum.
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    LOL the "great job" guy! ...

    It's just another way for them to get their signature in the spotlight. But honestly these kind of people are only doing what their doing simply because they want to make a quick buck and it's only going to result in short term money.


    -Alex Kaplo

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    Anyone see how I clicked the thanks button on Darth Executor's "great job, thanks" post?

    That was clever right?
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    Have you only just noticed them Josh?
    They've been around for ages.
    A lot of them are paid by well known people
    to come and post crap like that.
    Just follow a few sig files and do a whois.
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    "Ich bin en fuego!"
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    ^ ^ ^ ^ ^

    You know how hard it was to come up with a post that was exactly ten characters? The minimum number of characters allowed in a post is ten.

    I was going to say...

    You're right
    Right on

    And other variants of the same, but they had too many, or too few letters.

    D'oh! I just realized, I should have responded with...


    Anyway, I hope all of the spammers are aware that they are not fooling everyone. Aw, heck! They probably do. After all, they only have to fool a few.

    Here's an idea. Why not create a Spammers Only section of the forum. And any spammer who is dumb enough to post there gets there account delelted. You could add that right to the rules that they won't read anyway. It may make it easier to winnow some of them out.

    All the best,

    "Ich bin en fuego!"
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