Whats your way of making money?

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Still struggling to make money online. Show me your best offer that makes YOU money.
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    Everyone here seems to think that directory ownership is so 2005, but my business is booming.

    Directories now add about half of my online income. My directory income alone is almost twice what I made when I left the 9 to 5 ten years ago.
    HeDir.com ranks #1 for "human edited web directory"

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    Hi there gary i am just starting out. I am an affiliate at the moment I am following video series which is really good just taking ine step at a time.
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    My way of making money is promoting affiliate marketing programs at the moment. But I will soon be adding other ways of making money.
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      Hi Gary,

      There are endless ways to make money, but all of them will have one thing in common: offering something of value to the consumer (or other business owners).

      I would encourage you to not only seek "ways to make money" but lean more toward the old "find a need and fill it" business model, because when you've got something that people really want or need, selling it is a piece of cake!

      You could create your own products for in-demand topics; you could offer a service; you could promote existing products as an affiliate, etc. You're probably aware of many of the common ways to make money online.

      As for me, I:

      • Create products to sell to other business owners (PLR).
      • Create products to sell directly to consumers.
      • Promote other products as an affiliate (I do this with email marketing via newsletters and ezines, as well as on my content websites and blogs).
      • Place Google ads on my content websites and earn some passive income that way.
      • Freelance ghostwriting - although I am phasing this part out gradually.

      You don't have to follow only one business model - but if you try to take on too much too quickly, there is a higher likelihood that you'll get overwhelmed.

      So starting with just one method is best - but which? Think about your strengths and talents. What are you good at? What do you have a lot of experience with? Anything you really LOVE to do? See if any of those strengths can be applied in an online business model, and you're in business.

      Hope that helps,

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    I use affiliate marketing, but use a variety of different startegies to promote my products.
    One thing I will say is that you won't ever make much money unless you invest some income each month in your online business. This could be a really good course etc.
    Even if it's only $30 a month, keep building your skills and learning more. Treat it like a real business if you want this to be your full-time job one day.
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    Selling Affiliate Products
    Selling Affiliate Memberships
    Selling Ad Space.
    I just recently got into flipping domains. Actually its more or less like I owned the domains for a while, did things with them and am now looking to sell them and see what I can get for them. If this experiment works, I may make flipping domains more of a habit. I never really registered domains with the intent to flip them before but I feel some of these domains are high value.
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    As Internet Marketers we must try CPA. That's a key method to earn money. But I earn more from backlink building for my customers. For newbies I suggest to make a Wordpress blog for a hot niche and bring traffic to get a revenue from CPA and Adsense.

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    Right now I do mostly CPA but looking to expand my horizon and have income coming from different streams as everyone else probably
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    start by promoting affiliate products thats how i started out making money online then just try to scale it up with SEO
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    Niche Marketing mainly, but I'm trying out new methods to generate more income stream.

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    Well sell your own products is the fastest way to make money online, try to find what people looking and create a products to solve the problem, selling ebooks is also easiest way to get $$
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    I write articles, but I keep that to just a few select people. I am involved in several affiliate programs. I also create my own products. Now getting into video marketing.
    Last year I had a small group of students that I taught the rudiments for free.
    I still think its important to keep educating yourself. I often ask for help or join coaching programs.
    Iv'e drunk too much wine and I'm rambling. I will get my coat.

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      We sell our own product. It is an extension of a business we have had for over 15 yrs., and since we cant be everywhere, we thought an online biz would be the way to go to reach more people. It's new, just a few months old, but really doing well.

      Are we allowed to give the URL to our own websites here?


      ChipFixx custom mixed auto touchup paint kits.

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    Only in your signature funkynassau

    Now I'll get my coat.

    Become a Digi Warrior and join us in the successful Dig Warrior IM Academy
    Join us at www.digiwarrior.com

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    I sell ebooks and adsense. I am looking for ways to ad CPA to the mix
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    Pimpin' and selling drugs...oh wait, you were asking about my online income
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    I could literally write a book on how my business makes money. ;-)

    For the most part, it's creating small but profitable blogs, doing product launches, a bit of CPA marketing and some other forms of affiliate advertising.

    I like to have a mix of different methods. I'll NEVER rely on just one income stream, ever.
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    Actually, my best way to make money is to be a freelancer working as a linkbuilder.
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    Ghostwriting by far the main source of my bread and butter. Google Adsense and a few affiliate marketing sites on the side combined with my writing makes for a very lucrative income
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    My favorite way is as an Amazon affiliate. It's fun and there are so many choices. And then I turn around and spend all of my money on Amazon.
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    I write articles as offeringa service is the Best way to learn and earn
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    Forex trading anytime anyday!
    Though it has its own ups and downs but the excitement of trading online and making money makes it worthwhile..
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      I've been interested in MMO for around 6 months now.

      I've made money in different ways.

      Most money so far has been made from creating websites and blogs for clients.

      A decent amount of money has been made from doing gigs on Fiverr and Gigbucks. - Logo design, Article Writing, etc...

      I've also made some money from selling original digital content on Tradebit.

      Money from affiliate links is almost negligible, so far, but I've still only a handful of sites, which are still not complete.

      I'm hoping to build and sell Wordpress themes at some point in the future.
      Abstract brand name generator. FREE.
      __________________________________________________ ___________________________
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    there are many different ways of making money...
    now u can earn in few seconds...
    all u have to do is to just search online and there will be thousands of
    new and interesting ideas of making money!!!
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    I'm currently writing articles for other people. I just finished writing my first ebook and will be offering that service soon.

    I love the fact that I'm not only making money writing, which I love to do, but I'm learning about a vast variety of topics. Since I'm a compulsive reader it makes this the perfect business for me.
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    • Hi,

      I think the most important is that you have to love what you do! I know it sounds very obvious, and maybe 100 people told you already before me, but do consider, that you have to spend time with your business daily (nightly ) , you want to learn and do more each day only if you love what you do. And my opinion is, that only those things can become a good and profitable businesses what you don't feel a "must to do" even in your spare time. As I said, I am sure you've heard it before from someone else, but really don't forget that you will spend days and days for long years with your business!

      In my case : I loove holidays and looooove babies, so I put the two things together, that's how I set up my business: baby and family holidays, which offers only baby-and family friendly holidays. I know it's not unique, not I am the only one with this idea, but I really do it from my heart, and that's very important! So maybe you can turn your hobby for a business.

      I hope it helped.
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    Straight up buying traffic and promoting CPA offers.
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    If you want sustainability and longevity in your business create your own products on topics that you enjoy and know about.

    You can make money in most things if you make people happy!

    For the record - affiliate, adsense, eBay, own products.
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  • Profile picture of the author Joe Benjamin
    At first, it WAS article writing...but I knew it's very un-wise
    to rely on writing articles for others on this forum or outside
    of it as THE way to make a good living.

    In writing articles, I got one project that I wrote an article
    about Direct Mail Marketing.

    Didn't think nothing about it for a few months. Came back
    around to reading about it, did my own due diligence, and
    I've come to the conclusion of it being the best, simplest,
    most scalable business known in the United States.

    So, I have to thank the forum for the opportunity to see
    something I previously had no idea even existed.

    Thx Warriors!
    **How I FLIPPED $80 into $690 Pure Profit With ONE EASY Method...2 to 3x Per Week...Only 30 Minutes Per Day (and how YOU can COPY my RESULTS, too!) **CLICK HERE FOR VERIFIED VIDEO PROOF**
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    give TenBux.com a try
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    There are numerous ways to make money online. Just pick one and work it to death.

    • I make the majority of my income from Amazon. I sell ebooks for the Amazon Kindle.
    • I also format ebooks for other people to sell on the Amazon Kindle. I do fairly well with this as too.
    • I started using PPC to promote a couple of clickbank products a couple of months ago.
    I have a few other deals that I do not make a whole lot of money with, but the money that I make for the time and effort that I put into it is great.
    I'm not selling anything.
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    At the moment I am making most of money with PPC. I find some good offers on MaxBounty, a CPA network, and usually promote them with either Yahoo Search Marketing or Facebook ads.

    I am also making a few dollars here and there with Adsense on product-related blogs. I have had very little luck actually selling those products, though.
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      Affiliate marketing is always a great place to start to make money online.

      Webinars can be very lucrative.

      Also Have a couple membership sites

      Have a few clients that I serve and do work for ...

      DR NET
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      Start with affiliate marketing

      Then, look towards building your own list. The money is in the list
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    Mainly niche marketing. I also tried affiliate marketing esp the Amazon.
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      i am making money from affiliate marketing...and from a sweepstakes that pays weekly...i am not nmaking huge , because i ma just a beginner..i am sure if i use google adwords i can reach dollar 300+ /month..and may be more as time went my..now i am able to make a decent income of 70 dollar/ month, just from affiliate marketing...
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    My main income still comes from freelance writing - I love writing ebooks on niche topics so I am lucky to do something I enjoy. This year though as I head towards the great 50 I have also been working on selling my own products (ebooks and courses) some Amazon affiliate action and Adsense.

    If I had to start out today I would go for sites like fiverr or Elance as a freelancer (again) purely because I found the lessons I learned about writing and promoting myself online came from doing work for other people. As a freelance writer you get to see what topics other marketers think are going to be profitable and I also learnt blogging skills, article writing skills and a whole lot more just by working for someone else.

    But and it is a big but, I would only work as a freelancer part time because when you get on a bit in years (lol I can't believe I wrote that) you want a spot of residual income earners in place before your fingers seize up for ever.

    Best of luck with your ventures
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