Goooooogle saved me over $300... and it wasn't on car insurance ;)

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Hi Warriors,

I never really thought about it till I was forced to do some really quick fact
finding today. I was cleaning my pool when a Black Widow spider decided I
was a little to close to the web and defended it's self.

This comes after me taking down a Hornets nest the other day with out
getting Go figure! I think they had a JV deal to get me.

Anyway, While moving the pool pump over about an inch I guess I scared
the spider (that I didn't see) so it bit me.

What did I do? I Goooooogled it. What else would a IMer

Turns out that the BW spider was a male(Thankfully) and the pain I was
feeling is subsiding now after drinking a half bottle of benadryl.

Doing niche research in a pinch can hone your skills really

I'm not mad the spider bit me, I'm mad that I didn't think about looking
before I put myself in that situation.

One thing it did do for me was to open my mind into other ways I can
help people. By doing this type of research in a pinch has reinforced to me
there are many people out there that most definitely want/need all kinds of info.

Long story short, No hospital visit for me today so I figured I saved over
$300 using

So, How do you find a niche?

Have a Great Day!

PS. I posted this while watching the swelling go down.
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    greetings Michael,

    I think you have just found a niche

    Write a book on spider bites, and Googling for a remedy.

    Using the Internet to get information is incredible.

    Glad to hear you're okay

    All the best ... Ron
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      So, How do you find a niche?
      For years I've discovered niches by going to article directories, looking through magazines, using keyword software, checking out affiliate networks, etc. When it's all been said and done I have found my most profitable niches simply by asking people what their interests and hobbies are. I first started out by asking the people in my sphere of influence. Then I moved over to asking virtually everyone I met.

      A few years ago I started a part-time date coaching business which led to thousands of social interactions. Whether I was alone, with a client, or a date I would always ask people what their interests and hobbies were. To this day I could never research or dive into all the niche ideas they have given me.

      "Your personal philosophy is the greatest determining factor in how your life works out."
      - Jim Rohn
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    lol ... glad it wasn't a female. Didn't know there was a difference in the bites, but sounds like you got lucky.

    About trying to determine the sex of a spider (I mean, how is that done - do you turn it over?) and then Googling for info, I'd have to add a disclaimer:
    If in doubt ... don't try this at home ... call 911
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    I was bitten by a black widow a couple of years ago. I had mild pain at the bite and very mild dizziness for a few hours.

    I also read details online and didn't go in to the emergency room, although I was prepared to if my symptoms got worse.

    The black widow spider produces a protein venom that affects the victim's nervous system. This neurotoxic protein is one of the most potent venoms secreted by an animal. Some people are slightly affected by the venom, but others may have a severe response. The first symptom is acute pain at the site of the bite, although there may only be a minimal local reaction. Symptoms usually start within 20 minutes to one hour after the bite.

    Local pain may be followed by localized or generalized severe muscle cramps, abdominal pain, weakness, and tremor. Large muscle groups (such as shoulder or back) are often affected, resulting in considerable pain. In severe cases, nausea, vomiting, fainting, dizziness, chest pain, and respiratory difficulties may follow.

    The severity of the reaction depends on the age and physical condition of the person bitten. Children and the elderly are more seriously affected than young adults.

    In some cases, abdominal pain may mimic such conditions as appendicitis or gallbladder problems. Chest pain may be mistaken for a heart attack.

    Blood pressure and heart rate may be elevated. The elevation of blood pressure can lead to one of the most severe complications.

    People rarely die from a black widow's bite. Life-threatening reactions are generally seen only in small children and the elderly.
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      Originally Posted by Kelly Verge View Post

      Male and female with an egg sack:

      Those things look so evil...

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      Originally Posted by Kelly Verge View Post

      Male and female with an egg sack:

      Whoa, I jumped when I saw that image.

      But hey, which is male and which is female? Nevertheless, I'm glad you're okay. When I was on vacation last week a few people talked about how you can die if you get bit by a Black Widow.
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    I played golf the other day and while in the middle of the 14th fairway my golf cart would not start (gas powered). Even after playing with the choke I still had no power. Funny enough I lifted up the seat on the golf cart, and a huge black widow was right on top of the gas tank!

    I'm glad that thing didn't find its way near me!

    Glad you are okay, and what a great marketing lesson!
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    Make ya wonder how many times does the phrase Black Widow Spider have to appear in this thread to rank for first page of G
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      Originally Posted by Mark Riddle View Post

      Make ya wonder how many times does the phrase Black Widow Spider have to appear in this thread to rank for first page of G
      Black Widow Spider
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    So if it was a female would you not even be writing this post?
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    Wow, $300 for a hospital visit? Here in Australia it would cost you nothing for a visit to an emergency centre of any public hospital.

    Good to see you are okay.

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      Michael, you've given me a great idea...I'm going to add "Hotline" to all my domain names from now on.

      That spider musta had a horrible taste in it's mouth...:p

      j/k, I'm uber glad you're alright.

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    Hornet and spider....

    I think they had a JV deal to get me.
    That has to be the funniest thing I have read here on WF! Sorry about your pain but thanks for the laugh!
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    The female is the big one with the hourglass design on the bottom.
    The only problem is its(hourglass) is on the bottom.
    Thats a rare picture.I mean not all common.Uasually the female,after done with the male,kills him.
    Hence the name (black widow i believe).
    Black for the color,and we know where the widow part comes from.
    Lots of them in AZ,including Brown recluse.There not fun either.
    Google them and see what happens after there bite.

    How about it guys,good thing were not male of that species.
    Talk about a short IM carear.(gotta go look at the dictionary for that now).
    I will be your Digital Assistance for cheap.PM me.
    I can help relieve your work load.Pm me

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