This is Crazy - my site has 10x more links then Competitors but they still out rank me!

by pana
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I don't know what am I doing wrong or why isn't google rank my site. I've got hundreds of quality backlinks and my competitors don't even got a hundred links but they still out rank me, my links coming from authority sites, I've got many articles, press release and web2.0 profiles build and have links build to them too, I do comment post, and other stuff but sill on the second page and other sites are out ranking me I've got almost 500 backlinks and builded all around one keyword. I'm not new to seo but this is just something that doesn't make sense to me, could this be because of joomla site? My web page is well seo optimized as well.. any idea or help would be much appriated it.. thank you!
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