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PPCBlog (not mine) has an interesting flowchart graphic on how Google procedurally functions when you do a search. And to some extent shows ranking and ad checkpoints along the way.

Google infographic link
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    interesting flowchart graphic

    That is cool thanks,
    and the best part is that we have permission to use
    on our own site!
    You've got it Made
    with the Guy in the Shades!
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  • A very detailed and informative infographic. Thanks for the share.
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    I've only glanced at it, but right off that bat I noticed a problem. Contrary to what that says, a page isn't indexed instantly after being crawled (unless this changed with the last google update).
    You can get a ton of googlebot visits before anything comes up when you do a "site" command. The original google paper talks about this - crawling is seperate from the indexing engine.
    That may seem trivial to some, but it makes me wonder what other "problems" it may have.


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    This was posted here on the forum the other day by Quentin in this thread

    Although I still find the infographic interesting.

    Have a Great Day!
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