How to make blog an authority site?

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Hi, I would like to make my blog Conduct Knockout Broadcast Interviews an authority site in the eyes of google. Does anyone have any suggestions on the best way to go about it? Thanks, Ed.
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    By "authority site", I assume you mean higher in the search results. I took a quick look at your site, and it seems to have solid, informative content. Is it optimized for SEO purposes?

    Off-site, you can do a couple of things to boost your ranking. First, do some article marketing to create backlinks. You're obviously a good writer. Take some of your topics and write informative articles on them. Ezine Articles, Go Articles, Amazines, and Articles Base are popular article directories.

    Second, look for forums that are related to your niche - whether it's kids looking for a good broadcasting school, journalists who are already in the biz (from my own broadcasting experience, I can tell you that Medialine and TVspy are very popular). As long as you have your link in your signature, you'll create quality backlinks, which is what Google wants.
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    Set up Google Alerts for your keywords. Create content around and linking to the stuff that shows up, put it in a news section or something. Also use this content to build deep links into your other content. If you want to build traffic too, keep an eye on Google Trends and work in those keywords too.

    Make sure you submit that feed to aggregators.

    Then, any of the sites that come up in your alerts where you can contribute and get a backlink, do it. Depending on your niche, this should take about a month before you start getting a big increase in rankings, not just for your main page, but your deeper pages too.

    That's the simplest way to do it. It's basically taking what Google is telling you are the hot sites and the hot topics, and then you build and interlink your site around that.
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    Chris Garrett has a membership site devoted specifically to this topic - if you google Authority Blogger you'll find it.

    I can't tell you what the content in the site is like as I'm not a member - but Chris is hell of a nice guy (too nice for his own good) and the content i've seen of his in other areas is always very good.

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