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Can anyone recommend a good flip page ebook creator? I want to create ebooks that can be read on site or downloaded as PDFs. I've seen some great looking ebooks in this format over the years but I don't know what software is used......

Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!
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    Hi Debbie

    I've seen some ebooks where the pages flip but not PDFs. These files not as versatile as pdf files or as well used for many different reasons.

    If you wish to sell or giveaway an ebook, it is best to stick to the pdf format.

    However, pdf files can be made to move in more ways than just a scroll button up and down. Checkout my signature

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    I have seen these types of ebooks a long time ago. They were .exe files which now a days I would be hesitant about using.

    I believe this is the type of software that creates those types of ebooks. ( not an affiliate link) eBOOK CREATOR...75% Off For a Limited Time Only!

    Personally I would stick with pdf's which are easily created with openoffice for free.
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    Thanks for the replies.

    Yes, I know we often want to have the opt ins rather than giving the book away completely free - but a client that owns a rather well known chain of facilities wants a series of ebooks for some sites, and the preference is that the viewers have the option of reading them on site or downloading them in PDF format.

    Currently I am using Issuu for this service, but I would like to purchase something similar to avoid the monthly fees.

    Still hopeful that I will find something workable without a huge dollar sign attached.
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    I dont know the specifics for your project but for reading on site you could just place all the info on a simple page of the site for them to read and give the option for them to download it in a pdf for easier viewing later at their convenience. If its too much info for one page then create several pages on the site and have anchor text leading to the "next page" at the bottom of each page.
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    It'll be easier by converting pdf files to flash format. Here is a site: aXflip Flip Maker
    If that works for you, Go to PDF to Flash converter and upload your pdf files.
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      You can chech pressmo.com for easy page flip ebook creation. It's quite easy to use, fast and smooth working, it creates ebooks from pdf files and give you also text copy protection tools.
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    Here is video tutorial hot to make it online:
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    Personally, and I know I'm biased because I'm a designer, but I would highly recommend taking the time to go seek a designer who knows a thing or two about marketing to design the cover for you. You can get decent looking ones with templates, but you can work some real magic when your idea clicks with a designers skill and a totally unique cover is created for you. Just my two cents, biased as it may be.
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    Check my site if what yiou are looking for 3D Ebooks online. Let me know if I can help you one way or another.
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    there are two softwares I use. One is NCESOFT flip book maker which uses your images and then creates a Flash flip file which you can add to your website or share on facebook also.

    The second one I use is 3D pageflip for Powerpoint!! It costs around $99 and converts your powerpoint presentations into Flash files and exe files.

    These are great sources of traffic and the best part is people can download them to their PC.

    If you want to convert a couple of your Pics or PPT'S, you can hit me up, I can do it for you for free.
    If you wanna do in Bulk, I suggest you buy the softwares I mentioned.
    Just my 2 cents :-)
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    I believe this site does it for free and they create little magazines/books you can look at:

    Issuu - You Publish

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