What Do You Guys Think About Safeswaps And Other Swapping Services Out There?

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What Do You Guys Think About Safeswaps And Other Swapping Services Out There?

I recently signed up for the dollar trial for the first month and I like what I see thus far but only time will tell.

It does make the whole listbuilding process a lot easier but you can still build your email list through the Warriorforum for example as well as some other places out there.

It goes to $24.95 after the first month trial I still think it is well worth it ... But it is kind of steep for a lot of people out there. If you can build your list that much faster it is just a drop in the bucket.

Any other marketers out there tried them? And if so what are your thoughts on them?
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    I tried it once, but I was very new to Adswapping, so I made a few mistakes.

    it's a great way to organize ad swapping, but be sure to see the link and test the product before you decide to make the swap.

    Another way to build you list is through JV giveaway events online.
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    Hey Jay, I believe we have a swap later on this week I have been using safe swaps for a while now and the service is great best part it keep you organize. Before safe swaps i was not organize Safe swaps will pay for it self my friend. Just book you some swaps and make sure your list is very good because you do not want anyone to place a bad report about you

    Hope I help..

    To The Top
    Ty Neal
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    I would say that doing an adswap is one of the fastest way to build your list.

    However ........... it's important that you do feel comfortable with that person, and the product and the service that they are giving away at their list because it does reflect on you.

    Don't do a ad swap just to do an ad swap and to get sign ups. You've got to look after your list - only do an ad swap if you do like the other person's product otherwise it could backfire. Give them value otherwise it could ruin your reputation. Protect your list and continue to build a good relationship with them.
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    Hey Guys,

    I just signed up for safeswaps too, and yes I do agree that it is quite efficient in getting yourself organized with swapping.

    Unfortunately my first swap last week didn't really turn out great...I queued the promo email to my list and on the agreed date there was a 'no show', 'no contact', from the other party...but my emails were already out and it did bring in around 50 hits to the other partner while zero on my end...sheesh...

    Only later that I realized, which made me contact the fellow swapper to inform him that I have to stop the email to the rest of my 4 list as it is not beneficial for me.

    I believe it could have at least bring in around 200hits from my end but oh well...maybe better luck next time.

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    The site is great! Major folks with 100K lists are using it and it says for itself.

    I am happy using it for 5 months now. I really love their booking calendar and profiles with ratings and click stats.
    Infite.com - your own membership site is ready to make money
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    I had mixed feelings honestly about safeswaps...it was great at first until my list grew larger and clicks weren't matching at all.
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