A way to copy a wordpress installation at another domain

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I searched the forum, but apparently my keywords are too general.

Does anyone know whether there is a way to completely copy a wordpress installation to a different domain name.

I know you can't export wordpress settings (at least in the past) and I don't want to spend time changing settings, installing plugins, installing and customizing themes, etc.

There's gotta be a shortcut. Anyone got it?
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    There's no REAL shortcut I'm afraid. The best way is to export your database, zip up and download your wordpress directory and then do the opposite in your new account. This will keep all your settings.

    This is a very simplified version but there are loads of guides on the Internet just search for "move wordpress blog".

    Just make sure you do a backup!
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    I just went through this...

    It is not a simple task but I did it in a matter of a couple of hours.

    As Sitefurnace said, you gotta backup the database at some point but this is how I did it...

    I set up the new domain name and hosting account... made sure I have the exact URL of where the new home of the blog will be.

    Then in the admin panel I changed the URL of the blog to the new one. (Keep in mind that this will "break" your blog once you save it.)

    Then I used PHPMyAdmin to backup the database.

    I restored the database in the new domain name.

    I also downloaded a copy of the full directory where my blog lived and copied it into the new domain name.

    I think that did the trick... feel free to PM me if you have trouble with the steps I outlined.

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    If you use an FTP client like FileZilla you might have an easier time of copying your directory from one domain name to another--if those domains are hosted on the same account. If they aren't, you'd have to download a copy of your installation and then re-upload it to the new account (I had to do this when I moved my freelance site to my blog site's hosting account). Though, if you take this route, to be safe, you'll want to make an export file and write down all of the different widgets and plug ins you have to keep yourself covered.

    You will have to spend some time re-activating things but the copy/download & upload part does not have to take a long time.

    If you are simply trying to get the same site onto two domains at once, have you considered simply forwarding the second domain name to your first site using the DNS controls at your domain server? That would probably be the fastest way to do it.
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    You should stop by wordpress.tv and track down the video on WordPress Multi-Site (not to be confused with Multi-User or MU). Of course you need to update to WP 3.0 to do this.
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