Are you earning your living doing IM?

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Just curious how many people here are actually able to provider for their families using internet marketing?
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    My husband and I both do IM for a living and that is our only source of income.
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      Originally Posted by Sara Young View Post

      My husband and I both do IM for a living and that is our only source of income.
      Sara, that makes two of us... My husband and I are Internet Marketers and that too is the source of income in our family; with three daughters for that matter...
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    Yes, it is our primary source of income.

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    Kind of, through my websites and Designing Skills
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    While it is not my primary source of income, if I did remove myself from my job it very well could be. Thing is I really enjoy my 9 to 5 and have a lot of fun at work, so my IM income allows me to save my money for other projects I have lined up. It's a means to an end for me I guess.
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    Been doing it for over 10 years full time. I'm not much of an affiliate marketer, but I create and sell my own products.
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    For me its not my full source of income but I do would like to finish my college and get a job in that field and work and have IM as an additional stream of income.
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    It's my dream to make it my full time income. I can't stand my 9-5.
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    Yes! Quit a good full-time j.o.b. 3 years ago and haven't looked back.
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    I am, but then ago, I don't have any living expenses really other than college fees haha
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    Doing it full-time here too. It was scary leaving my "regular" job, but once I did it allowed my IM business to grow pretty rapidly. I had more time to focus on it, and also since it was "all the marbles", the pressure was on for success. I haven't looked back!


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    Yes. Haven't had a J.O.B. in years.


    "Never make someone a priority in your life who makes you an option in theirs." Anon.
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    Yes and no...we own the website, so there is a lot of work other than IM associated with it. Probably 50/50 administrative vs. just marketing.
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    I do other things that I'm interested in to earn money, but if I could only rely on Internet marketing as my primary source of income, then yes I would still be able to live quite comfortably. That being said, it didn't happen overnight nor did I get here by working only 4 hours per week ala Tim Ferris. I stumbled a lot at first, and I stumble now occasionally, and I still get caught up working long hours on different things. It's passion that drives me, not money so because of that I can focus on what I'm doing and the money follows.

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    Wish I could say it, but I'm almost there.
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    Yep, but I'm in software, not really IM.

    Last time I had a real job was almost 10 years ago when I was 19, and landscaping for $8/hour.
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    Yes, been marketing full time online since 2007. In my opinion, no better business to be in right now.

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    No, I've got a "real" job. Except it's online and work from home. For a company who offers internet services to brick and mortar companies. Been doing that since 2004.

    Getting a bit tired of 9-5, though, even if I CAN work in my pajamas.


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      Wow! this is great stuff. Thanks for asking this question as my retirement finds me working every day on the IM. Supplementing my pension is important so here I am, gradually growing stronger. It is really refreshing to find so many being successful. The stats show that only a small percentage are. Is the day gone past for those huge money testimonials?
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    Trying lol even changed jobs to dedicate more time
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    Working on making it my full time income right now. Actually I just started a blog to show my progress getting to $100 / day.

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    A full-time income from operating various internet/online related businesses? Yes.

    The enterprises also include activities that originate offline but drive people to internet and information marketing solutions.

    Its doable but requires treating internet marketing like a true business and not as a hobby or 'nice to do' kind of thing. After many years, my wife is just starting to understand the world of IM and information marketing, thanks to Facebook!
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    Originally Posted by feedtherightwolf View Post

    Just curious how many people here are actually able to provider for their families using internet marketing?

    Thanks for posting this thread. Its inspiring because I've been doing IM on and off, part time, because I have an offline job. But recently I lost my job (for good reasons) and now I want to make Internet Marketing my only source of income.
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    It's my only source of income and a good majority of that income is from promoting Amazon products.

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