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Hello All,

I have not been on the forum for awhile so I come back today and it's sad. I was immediately reminded of the desperation in this new breed of newbies. As we all know, the US economy (if not the world economy) is in the toilet.

One thing I like to do in the offline world is give presentations (at no cost) to unemployed people that are begging to get back to work. I'm talking white collar professionals making $80K plus. These people generally have advanced degrees and are highly skilled.

What I present is how to set up their own personal brand to get noticed in the job market. I'm sure it helps but obviously not a magic bullet. In the end, most of them are screwed but I'd never tell them that. I'm not sure if these good paying jobs will ever come back for most of these folks.

You want to talk about a starving crowd, ground zero is right here in the USA with the unemployed. These people are begging me for ideas to pay their bills. I stay away from the IM end of it but it got me thinking....

Well, back to the newbies right here on the forum. What could YOU do (and the unemployed folks) to generate income? Quite simply...

Start a SERVICE. That's right really simple. Start a service supporting the IM community (I know this has been mentioned before and is nothing new or novel but needs to said again!) Afraid to offer this to the IM community? Try going OFFLINE. Business's are desperate to find customers. Help them with their online presence!

So what I'm asking is everyone to please chime in right here on some good services to offer. Both OFFLINE and ONLINE

I'd like to share these ideas with these unemployed people including the newbies on this forum and hopefully motivate a few to take action.

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    If these folks are well experienced and established in their fields, what a perfect opportunity to offer consultant work. This is what I do all day long. Of course, it's not as easy as calling up a few businesses and asking them to give you money for their opinion.

    But, if you package it effectively, there's not much more to it.

    High profit margin, low overhead, immediate income. Best part? You are leveraging your existing knowledge and experience instead of jumping into something foreign.

    That's what's working for me anyway.
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      And for ideas for services, check the categories in the Yellow Pages. You'll find a number of services that people want and need. Don't overlook sub-specialties either.

      Then brainstorm. What services have you used and what were the results? What should you have done for better results? What would you continue to do? Answering these and other questions will likely suggest areas that you could write an ebook about, consult, products, etc.
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    So its a local business method then. Great idea. With one big problem for many.

    You have to deal with people.

    Which is FINE, if that's what you like. But a lot of people turn to Online Marketing because they are not the biggest fan of dealing with people.
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      An excellent read.

      Thanks for sharing your story of inspiration. Hopefully it kicks some into gear.

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    But a lot of people turn to Online Marketing because they are not the biggest fan of dealing with people.
    Even more turned to Online-Marketing because they are not the biggest
    fan of their Boss!
    You've got it Made
    with the Guy in the Shades!
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      If you don't know how to deal with people or hate dealing with people then IM is not for you.
      Mithun on the Web
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        Originally Posted by SledgeHammer View Post

        If you don't know how to deal with people or hate dealing with people then IM is not for you.
        There's a difference with dealing with people online and in person though. I don't mind people, but I have trouble thinking on my feet, I guess you could say. It's easier for me to type to communicate than to speak to someone; no phobias there.
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      Originally Posted by Online Bliss View Post

      Even more turned to Online-Marketing because they are not the biggest
      fan of their Boss!
      lol, that's me

      I love people, but canny stand management.

      Free to use web based tools for the Internet Marketer

      Make sure you join the forum and contribute with feedback and ideas.

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    its easier to be passive aggressive in the online world though

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      There are so many small businesses out there without a website. I would say the best way I can think of to go offline is to offer small businesses (contractors, hair salons, plumbers, etc.) a simple website. A person could even use a WYSIWYG program to make it really easy. Then upsell them with SEO services.
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    Additionally, there are so many great CMS's out there today, such as WP, Joomla, and a host of others. Setting up and installing is a snap and you can find just about any functionality you want through plugins for all of them. Personally, I really enjoyed working with Joomla. Like Dreamweaver, there is a learning curve, but the advantage is that there are so many cool layouts and templates that it is easy to make a website that pops and looks great.
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    Some of the places where newbies can earn money ;

    - Fiverr
    - Digital point forums market place
    - V7N Forums market place

    Once they start earning it's better to invest in blog and if blog starts to give them consistent trickle of money then they can invest it in list building.

    If you don't know how to deal with people or hate dealing with people then IM is not for you.
    There are some jobs in IM where you've to less interact with people but have to work on your skills and services.
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    here's another idea, get just one course that teaches you all... like how to research how to make your product etc.
    reasearch very well
    then for 1 month just write articles about that subject
    at 10 articles per day in 30 days you'll have 300 articles

    then you'll probably know enough about the subject, make your product...
    and while in the product development phase create your site, hire a designer to do it, upload the articles in your minisite & ezine articles linking back to your minisite, setup an aweber account, create a list of subscribers
    do this daily, daily post two or three articles on your site & on ezine articles
    then when you finished your product you probably have some subscribers and you just tell them you're working on a product, sent them a few emails telling how great it will be
    then 1 week later launch it...

    Be The Change You Want To See In The World

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      There are lots of services that online marketers would pay to outsource, if that is what you are getting at.

      - Setting up & maintaining WP blogs...I have a customer right now that I have a large consulting project with who needs a few blogs & websites setup, I will be outsourcing those. But it is more than just vanilla Wordpress, I want someone who is an expert at Semiologic or Thesis blog management

      - Content writing - both for SEO and for pure value

      - Setting up Autoresponder sequences and squeeze pages

      - Virtual assistant for handling JV/affiliates, posting videos, updating websites, customer service, etc...

      - Graphics development

      - Copywriting critiques and writing

      But...BIG caution. I don't give these jobs to just anyone off the street, to me it is worth paying a little more for those that have some experience and that I know I can trust and that can communicate well.

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    Because he asked about services...

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