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Hi All,

I've been reading a few post recently about Squidoo and getting traffic from there.

Is it really that a good choice to be getting traffic from?

If so....What is the secret to this?

Welcome your thoughts
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    Hi Darren!

    Yes, Squidoo is great for a few reasons:

    1.) Each page earns its own PageRank and place in the SERPs.
    2.) They allow marketing (no minimum links like Hub Pages)
    3.) They're easy to build.


    1.) keyword URL
    2.) images
    3.) no less than 750 words total
    4.) tags in titles and content
    5.) narrow topics per lens (ie: not diet but "banana diet")

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    Yes, squidoo is great. It was even greater once upon a time. A lens would rank for anything with very few backlinks. Now you need some more, but it's still very easy compared to trying to rank with a brand new domain.

    Elegant, simple and clean Landing Page Templates for just $7.

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    I agree with Tiffany. It's easy to use and does get you some exposure. I've had pages show up in the top 10 on Google based on content alone. No external links to the Squidoo lens page at all.

    Keep in touch with Tiffany. She has a lot of information about Squidoo.

    - Russ
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