Autoresponder Message Templates?

by Jay B
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Hi gang,

In the interest of saving time and crossing one more thing off my To-do list this week, I'm searching for a series of autoresponder messages that I can model/modify as followup to people who optin to my list in the "newbie i.m. training" niche.

Does anybody have a half dozen messages that they would be willing to share, or can someone point me in the direction of where I might find some "templates" that I can adapt to my needs?

Thanks a bunch,

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    create a special gmail account and go sing up for 20 things in similar niche and you will have all of the emails that you want.
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    Hi Jay,
    A couple of suggestions that I've started doing, which has helped my list grow.

    Firstly, do you have any plr products - like ebooks? You could use these and re-write/compose YOUR OWN articles/information from this content and thereby composing your follow-up messages.

    Within some of the message - offer links to FREE products that you have. (Again you can obtain good plr products quite reasonably on the web. Just check the licenses before offering anything for free). If you're targeting "newbies" then there is A LOT of free content/information that you can put together and create your own 6-10 follow-up messages - depending on how many you want to put together.

    Another suggestion that I've used is maybe check back on some of the follow-up emails that you've received yourself in the past and re-write them and create YOUR OWN version of this information and incorporate it within your original content from your plr products.

    If you offer valuable content to your subscribers then they'll look forward to receiving your emails and therefore more likely to open and read your messages. Then you can include your links for free products/services within your follow-up messages to build a good relationship with your list - and then go from there.

    I hope this helps. Good luck.
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      Thanks Carol...I've got a bunch of 1000-word "special reports" that I can offer as a freebie and craft the emails around each topic...Maybe that's the way to go!
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        Originally Posted by Jay B View Post

        Thanks Carol...I've got a bunch of 1000-word "special reports" that I can offer as a freebie and craft the emails around each topic...Maybe that's the way to go!

        Definitely, using content that you want to share with people to craft your emails is a good idea. But, one thing that I would think about if you are going to be sending a bunch of freebies in your emails is this:

        Don't just have every email say: here is a freebie for you - click here. I get SO MANY emails from different people who do that. I always unsubscribe from those. Put content IN your emails too. Make them sound like you are talking to them. You want them to visit your site, sure. But an email should still be a communication, not just a transportation.
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    I like the ones which are personal experience rather than the hyped up ones I am currently making my daily newsletters for my customers.
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