how to get fans on facebook?

by awarum
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Just curious are there any cheap services out there that can help acquire tons of fans on facebook?

saw few on google but they are charging around 2k
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    go to and you will be able to get a 1000 people for like 200 bucks.

    hope this helps
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    Originally Posted by createyouwealth View Post

    I would suggest looking on fiverr, because there are a lot of people that will help you get fans for just $5.
    wow i can't thank you enough for that link. that's a really cool site.
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    Originally Posted by createyouwealth View Post

    I would suggest looking on fiverr, because there are a lot of people that will help you get fans for just $5.
    Ok...that is one CRAZY site! I have never seen anything like it! Catchy!
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      Hey you can paid people on,

      just only $5

      its awesmo

      Just Web Developer.

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    Yeah is a really nice site! Why don't you try to make your own fan club though? I think it's better to find the right group of people and build relationship by yourself with whatever it is your doing. It might takes time, but totally worth it.
    I offer CPA coaching and investment opportunities for those SERIOUSLY interested in making money directly or indirectly with affiliate marketing. PM me for details.

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    How about having it manually:

    Three Powerful FaceBook Traffic Generation Tips | TyroneShum dot com

    I hope this would help too.
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    I use as well, but I try and take things a step further by finding out the demographics of the friends my fanpage will be blasted to. If the niche interests women I have a fanpage that interests females blasted and the same goes for men. Spent $10 on fiverr two weeks ago and came back with about 1200 fans the first day.
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    Doesn't Warrior Maria Gudelis know quite a bit about this subject? You might want to look her up; she's quite a resource for subjects like this.
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    You could try giving away free beer.....
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    comeon guys this is sounds like a post that belongs in the digital point forums. save the garbage for there and not here.

    try getting real fans. fake fans will not buy your product.
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    Isn't the idea that you need a fanbase to go viral? So you get some paid fans then their friends start blasting you?

    I do offline SEO so sometimes my clients just want a ton more fans for their site. I am just thinking about all this right now. Usually I just blast to my real friends and it grows slowly....
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    Check out this awesome blog post: 21 Creative Ways To Increase Your Facebook Fanbase | Social Media Examiner
    At least I learned a lot

    - Preben

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    Fiverr is a great place to get 1000 fans in facebook at a very cheap price. Hope you could get yours really quick. More power =)

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    Hey awarum,

    Getting a Freelancer to do it is a great idea and they normally do so for cheap.

    You could also buy status updates on pages for around $1/10,000 fans and expose your site to many people.

    A third thing you could do is buying page invites. The prices of these are extremely cheap but make sure you don't over-do it or you could face a ban!

    Mark I.
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    Getting fans is one thing;

    Getting targeted fans is another.

    Some of the folks on fiverr are using their porn promo profiles to "Like" your fan page.

    That could cause you problems down the road, if those are the bulk of your fans.

    Facebook is powerful when used correctly, or it can be a total waste of effort.

    Social Media is changing at a fast pace.

    It's Still the Wild West, gunslingers wandering the streets looking to create a reputation.

    Mean while, the owner of the general store is happily selling lead, and gun powder.

    It's the basics, the foundation of any marketing plan that is key.

    A wild spray of bullets will make the settlers turn that town into a ghost town.

    The owner of the general store is happily selling items needed to leave town safely.

    The key to social media is hiding in plain sight.

    Mark Riddle
    Today isn't Yesterday, - Products are everywhere if your eyes are Tuned!
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    I wouldn't recommend it for Facebook fans, but is a great. You can hire people to become a fan or to do simple tasks for you. It's similar to Amazon's Mechanical Turk
    Sam Jadali | Host Duplex
    sam.jadali [@]
    Premium Shared, Reseller, & XenServer VPS Web Hosting
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    I agree with Mark above, you want targeted fans, not just a big number of people who won't convert to sales. Here is short video I did on how to get fans. Its a little out dated, I need to make a new one :-)


    Learn Digital, Internet and Social Media Marketing For Your Business
    Click here to learn more - Digital and Social Media Marketing Training Course

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    It really depends on what you are going for. I have seen a ton of people who pay for 1000 likes and then when I look 6months later they have like 1048. So it didn't spark the site to go viral.

    You want to be sure that the people who "like" your fanpage actually have friends. It it's 1000 profiles with no friends then nobody sees the likes.

    So it doesn't translate the way a like from a real person with real friends would.
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    It took me 1 month of intense promotion to get 15k fans till FB banned my page

    Here's how I got 15K fans in 1 month...

    I simply joined 50 plus fanpages or groups that have a minimum of 10k fans and simply posted a statement like the following, "Hey guys, I found a cool page" on the wall.

    How about the traffic from the page?

    The traffic from my status updates were not much as my page was not targeted enough. It was too general without addressing a particular need and therefore I didn't make anything but still I was getting about 100-200 fans a day.

    Why it got banned?

    Eventually that page was banned because I started posting aff links. The best way to not to get banned from fb is to link your page with a website (free blogger,wordpress) at the info section. Then post the links only from your SITE as status updates and not 3rd party's links.

    How to get your fans involved?

    To get my fans involved on my updates, I'll post useful quotes or jokes daily to attract their involement such as "liking the updates" or "commenting" on it. Here's another dirty trick. Just copy paste a status update that has the most number of "likes" from another fanpage on yours.

    What's the best time to update your status?

    You might want to analyze the geographic location of your fans and update your status at the right time. If you've 90% fans from INDIA, then it's better to post updates where your fans will be aCTIVe on FB.

    How to get TARGETED fans?

    Join other fan pages or groups with similar themes. If you're creating a site on Liverpool FC, then it's a good idea to join other similar pages and promote your page

    Will you make money?

    If your fans are targeted enough, I see no reasons why you can't make money. Personally I saw a game STORE in Singapore who mainly updates the page (about 2k fans only)with promotions,new game arrivals and blog posts related to gaming stuff to attract customers. And guess What? I always see comments on that page such as "I like your service" or "i bought my ps3 from you last week". Don't you think that the store is using fb effectively?

    The key here is to get "targeted FANS", fulfill their needs and you can make MONEY

    My 2c..

    PS:I nearly bought a DSi from that GAME store last week until I changed my mind because that store doesn't has a WHITE
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