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"...Glad this came back up. I'm prepared to share with you how to get listed in Google news - with press releases or just generally newsworthy things.

1) Get a News/Press Release Area on your site. A basic CMS or a blog will do the trick nicely.

2) Make sure you're adding something AT LEAST once a week - daily is best. If you only put out quarterly press releases, this isn't going to work as well. (TIP: If you don't have a lot of news to report on a regular basis, invest in some sort of way to post RSS feed data into your news section - then find some decent and relevant RSS feeds and have them update daily).

3) Put Adsense on your news page(s). When you create a new page (or drastically alter content) the Adsense code senses this and sends the AdCrawler to come see what your page is about. (You'll notice that if it's a new page, you'll get a PSA ad the first time you load it. Wait 5 minutes and then there will be relevant ads there). Before I had Adsense on my site that has a news feed, the newsbot would come by daily at random times to have a brief look around. Once I put adsense on, NewsBot was there grabbing my new information within 10-15 minutes of first loading the page.

4) Once you have some content in your News Area, ask Google to include it. Go to the "News Contact" page, select "I'd like to suggest a news source" and fill out the form. Be honest, and mention how frequently you update it, the general topic of your news, and so on. This is the ONLY way I know of to get listed in Google News unless you are syndicated by someone already in there. If you don't tell 'em it's news, they won't know. And make sure you've got some news that they feel will be worthy of indexing. It's rather like getting a DMOZ listing - if the quality isn't there, they won't list you and if you aren't listed, nothing I've written here is worth a halfpenny.

5) Timing is Everything: If your news is in an area or covers a "breaking story" where you're going to have lots of competition, "how long ago" is a key ranking criteria. 6:00am ET seems to work well for the US. If it's not in a "hot" area, timing won't matter as much - but then again, you won't get as much traffic, either. I've had my movie reveiws from Rock-n-Reel appear on the front page of Google news - if only for a half hour or so based upon good timing. This will generate a few dozen or more hits during that half hour - though I'm in the entertainment sector - if you can do it in business and other "morning heat" areas, you'll probably get more.

6) Make sure there's a decent amount of text in your articles.

7) When you post an article, make sure you load the "permanent" location of that article as well as your front news page. This'll trip the adsense monitor which, in turn, will send the newsbot...."

This was on another forum, thought warriors might find it handy
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