How Can I Leverage a 9-Year Old Site I Kinda Forgot I Had?

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In all my reading and learning lately (trying to not be a newbie but it's slow-going), I saw something about aged domains being a benefit. Well in my efforts to set up a new site, I forgot to think about how my other website might be leveraged to help.

This "other" site of mine is 9 years old. Over time, we've built up quite a fan base for our music (in the renaissance/SCA/re-enactor niche). It looks like we got about 2,000 unique visitors one month in the past 4 months. Honestly, I do very little (like almost nothing) to promote this site. I was going to wait until I got the home recording business up and running first. But now I'm thinking I should work on the Raven Boy Music site not only for its own sake, but to help out Home Brew Audio (the new one).

Any advice from the people with actual experience () on how I might (if at all) be able to use this to my advantage?



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    You will find many of the people who follow your site, would be, or know people who are interested in audio production.

    One of the things you can do is simply create a link from your current site to your audio site.

    Make it a tasteful endorsement of your audio biz AND create a blog - newsletter -etc talking about all your ventures.

    Use both middle ages keywords and audio production keywords in your posting titles, and content.

    THEN use your audio site to direct it's traffic to your Raven Site as an example of what you can do with your audio information.

    Wouldn't that be a great way to help Human History? (I couldn't resist)

    Mark Riddle
    Today isn't Yesterday, - Products are everywhere if your eyes are Tuned!
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      Originally Posted by Mark Riddle View Post


      Wouldn't that be a great way to help Human History? (I couldn't resist)

      Mark Riddle

      Well aren't you the cheeky one. Thanks very much for the advice!


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