Article Marketing Software Suggestions?

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Here is the top Article Marketing Software that I happened to come across, does anyone have any negative or positive comments to make about any of these? I need to choose one that is best for my upcoming goals

Creative article writing software & professional content generator: Quick article pro

ArticleBot V2.0 | Submit Your Articles to More Than 450 Article Directories Completely On Autopilot For Massive Backlinks there any other one that I don't know about that you would STRONGLY recommend I atleast look into before any of the above?

Any input and advice is welcome, so thanks in advance!

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    Go with articlebot.

    It's made and maintained by a fellow warrior, updated to reflect changes in directories, and has the best price by far
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    i would like to suggest you to go for "magicarticlewriter" as it as many features which will help you in your upcoming goals....
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    Do you want software to help you write articles or software to help you distribute/upload those articles?

    It also depends on your budget. ArticleBot is GREAT for a low price and ArticlePostRobot is great for a little more.
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    Brilliant info... just what I needed to know at this moment... I've been looking for a decent article submitter as it saves LOADS of time, but I bought Massive Article Submitter along with the article writer, but the submitter is poorly supported to the point of virtual non existence, and although it is supposed to allow the submission to 20 sites, 5 of them do not work

    So, considering that ArticleBot is "made and maintained by a fellow warrior" I will get that immediately

    The article creation software is still good, especially if you add to it, with more word/phrase - synonyms relations. I use it for generate unique content for my web pages from original work of my own... e.g introductions to web page, main content... therefore if I have 20 pages each selling a different brand of golf ball, then I write one intro and one main content, then run those through the article creator to generate 20 unique pieces of work. It used to take me days to do that, now it just takes 2 or 3 hours, and that's with breaks.
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