Looking for a partner for my project...NOT a J/V

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I don't know if this is the right place to post this...and if it's not, maybe someone can direct me to where the right place is

I'm looking for a mini-site designer to work with on a product I'm getting ready to launch. I was trying to do EVERYTHING myself, but am quickly getting overwhelmed, and it's taking me 10x longer to get stuff done because I'm not an expert at the design & tech stuff.

The Project:

I'm selling a physical product that I have an exclusive contract with the inventor to market. It's a "wearable multimedia promotional button", which means it's an MP4 player with a custom snap-on faceplate that the user wears as a button. It's basically a button with a video screen in the middle. I'm marketing it to Network Marketers to use as a prospecting tool and am selling it as a "kit" with accessories and some how-to information included.

What I need:

I need someone to work with long-term that can design a mini-site for me. About 6 pages & that includes a squeeze page, order & thank you pages. I'd like to add some simple video to the site, and want someone that can help me with that too. I'm not looking for a template. I actually want someone who can design it, add the sales letter & opt-in forms, and help me get the site live. I want to be able to make simple changes down the road for split-testing. If you have some ideas about generating traffic, that would be great too!

I know I could post this project on Elance, but I'm more familiar with this forum & I trust you guys here. I'm also hoping to find someone who's starting out & would appreciate the benifit of exposure & referrals from me for other projects down the road.

I'm willing to negotiate a set fee for the project OR a % of the sales. Send me a message & let's talk about it.

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    Not to disappoint you or anything but people get this all the time.

    Every hear the saying "A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush?"

    Most great designers have plenty of business and the customers are paying money right now. Why would they put aside money they could make right now in the hopes that your project will work out for you and they will eventually be paid?

    If it's a great idea, put the design work on a credit card. Sell some stuff to raise the cash. Go to a bank and ask for a loan.

    If you aren't willing to get the money up front, why should a designer be willing to take a risk and do free work? If it truly IS a killer idea...you should have no problem coming up with the cash.

    I wish you the best, just pointing out things from another perspective.


    PS - That sounds like a GREAT product by the way!
    Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.
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      From time to time I help fledgling businesses and people
      new to Internet Marketing with financial help or coaching.

      Before I stick my neck above the parapet with any type
      of contact, I like to do a little research, find out about the
      type of person I might be dealing with. The first place I
      look is their public profile, their blog, their websites...

      Ooops! There's nothing to see apart from the data that
      says you were born on 30th November 2008.

      You say you feel more comfortable trusting warriors, who
      would warriors be trusting?

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      Hey Daniel,

      I didn't intend to insinuate that I wasn't willing to pay upfront. That's why the last line of my post says I'm willing to pay an upfront fee for work OR a percentage of the profits....or both.

      I'm not trying to get anyone to do the work for free. I'm just looking for someone who wants to work with me through the long haul, and I figure it may be a better deal for that person to get a % of the sales instead of a set fee for each project.

      Hope that makes better sense....
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